Vogue Staffers….fighting for a taxi near you

You know times are tough when the employees of Vogue have been asked to give up their luxurious Lincoln Towncars in their tos and fros from the New York office. How are these poor girls supposed to get around town in heels that are only meant to be worn for the length of two city cubicles? They’ll have to find a way or, heaven forbid, invest in some reebok sneakers to wear to work. You might think it’s coincidence that Tamara Mellon announces a collaboration with Uggs on the day the Vogue offices are told about a new money saving measure which will force them to walk, take a cab or train it into work. I think Mellon must have had insider information and saw the time to strike as now….comfy shoes from an uber-sexy label….Vogue girls will have their elbows out when the day for release comes…watch out!


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