A trend that should never have been revived: Clogs

Now I know the legendary brand, Chanel, has officially relaunched Clogs for the season ahead but I wish Karl has discussed this with a few more people before making such a bold move. Whenever I see clogs all I can think of is the first time my father saw me wearing a pair. It will stay with me for the rest of my life. He said, “Emily, why do you insist on wearing shoes that make you look like you have hooves? It can’t possible be a look that is supposed to increase your attractiveness.” God love my father. He was 100% correct. Clogs had there hay day back in the 80s and women could get enough of these comfortable shoes. You should know by now that if a shoe is comfortable it isn’t attractive. That is just the sad, simple truth. Putting a four inch heel with a Chanel logo on a clog is like putting a fresh coat of paint on the Centre Point building in London – it make gives the item a facelift but it is still revolting. If I can give you one suggestion for 2010 it is this….do not buy clogs! They will go out just as fast as they came back in….fingers crossed!


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