Ten to love in 2010

1. Camille Belle. Who can forget the gorgeous little girl in “Practical Magic”? She was gorgeous then and has grown up to be one of the best dressed teenager in Hollywood. This year we saw her out and about in stunning dresses with adorable men. There is much more to come from this diamond and we think it’s all to be revealed in 2010.
2. Lara Stone. Although she has been in the public eye for most of 2009, it wasn’t until the bitter end that Lara Stone really grabbed the public’s eye. Stylists the world over have made comments about Lara’s size…an american size 4…calling her “fat” and “above average in stature” and she fought back over the hype in last month’s Vogue. She’s a unique girl with a face made for the pages of high fashion glossies. This isn’t the end…it’s only the start!
3. Blake Lively. Even Victoria Beckham thinks this young lady is a style icon and that is certainly saying something. Women around the world tune into “Gossip Girl” on a weekly basis to take notes on what new trends Blake Lively is wearing. Each season is better than before so naturally we can’t wait to see what this year has in store!
4. Crystal Renn. 2009 has been the year of the Plus size model, there is no doubt about that. And at the front of the campaign we find Miss Renn. Crystal was a fashion model struggling with eating disorders and self-image issues, as many models today do in a size zero society.  She gave up the stringbean model scene, decided to move into “bigger” arenas and even wrote a book about the ordeal. She’s now one of the busiest plus size girls out there. A true beauty at any size.
5. Lily Allen. She’s gone from socialite to music while always having an interest in fashion. She’s been a muse for Karl Lagerfeld and sat front row at some of the world’s most prestigious catwalk shows. No one knows what Lily plans to do in 2010 but I can tell you that whatever path she chooses she will be wearing killer stilettos and an outfit worth noting.
6. Lindsay Lohan. Now you might be shaking your head at this one wondering what the hell I am smoking, am I right? Well the bottom line folks is that everyone loves a comeback kid. Lindsay has had a tough couple of years. I’m hoping this is the year we see the cute Disney star return. She used to be such a doll (hence the older picture). Sometimes life throws you lemons….Lindsay, stop using them for vodka tonics and go back to the wholesome virgin lemonade.
7. Dakota Fanning. Another celebrity coming of age, Dakota made her mark this year by appearing in the “Twilight” series alongside Robert Pattinson. Her red carpet appearances were not outstanding but they were just developed enough to garner an ounce of interest from the paps.  I think there is a lot more to come from Dakota so stay tuned.
8. Alexa Chung. Her MTV show may have been cancelled but I happen to think this is a great thing. Alexa needs to come back to London. Her style appeared more free flowing and fun in London town…whereas she appeared stiff and uncomfortable in New York. I’m looking forward to having her home and having her replace Kate Moss as our British fashion icon for a new generation.
9. Olivia Palermo. You either love or hate this girl for her bitchy antics on “The City” alongside Whitney Port.  But whatever you feel about her personality there can be only love for her fashion. I have yet to spot her out and about looking anything less than fabulous. This fabulosity can only continue for years to come.
10. Zoe Saldana. She’s been the red carpet break out star for 2010 with her “Avatar” premiere attire. With a kick ass body and a talented stylist it seems Zoe can do no wrong. More movies Zoe…we want more red carpets!


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