Spanx release a new swimwear line

Spanx have beecome a celebrity stylist wardrobe staple over the past few years. Hell, I even have three pairs in my closet. They are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to curving your body into the right shape for a particular dress or outfit. They have the ability to turn you into a smooth diva! So it is with great excitement that I announce Spanx are now making swimwear a less nightmarish experience by releasing a line of their own! Or maybe I should say it was with great excitement until I actually got a chance to check out the line, online.  I hate to say this Spanx, but I think you should stick to making items that are meant to be worn out of sight. These bathing suits are not exactly the height of fashion. They look downright old-ladyish! And they cost a fortune!


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