Rebecca Romijn’s new Got Milk? campaign before and after kids!

Ok let’s all ooooo and ahhh over the gorgeous 1-year-old twins because, yes, they are absolutely stunning little kids. But then again look at the genes they have been given! We are embarking on a new generation of beauty here with the uber-beauties from couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; Halle Berry and that hot Swedish supermodel she mated with. Celebrity offspring are the new hot item! (It’s so sick that I just said that)

The “got milk?” campaign is one that has seen it’s fair share of celebrities. In fact this is Rebecca Romijn’s second time modelling for the campaign. You may remember this little number taken long before the dear lady started a family….

Her face hasn’t aged a day! Argh! What is she doing to look that good and where do I sign up?


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