Men’s fashion takes a beating

 Jean Paul Gaultier has always put on quite a show for fashion week. He’s has definitely out done himself here this time around! Apparently it’s all the rage to look like you’ve just come out of a boxing ring or a round at Fight Club.  I have to admit, even though it pains me greatly, that the mangled faces are dead sexy. My only problem was that I couldn’t pay attention to the fashion. I was too busy concentrating on the expert makeup!
The look was hard edged and tough…which I suppose is why the theme of the makeup followed up on the concept.  Gaultier even took part in the fun with a little makeup in the end. Chris Brown was picured at the show in the front row. Could it be that the men weren’t in makeup after all and that a certain someone was let lose to take out his aggression backstage? Low blow, I know.


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