Jean Paul Gaultier knows the true meaning of Couture

Jean Paul Gaultier reminded us all what we were in Paris for today….a week of Haute Couture…a week for fashion, fantasy and indulgence.  His models wore pieces that took us away from reality and into another dimension. We were taken to a land that was a mix of Pirates, Star Wars Princesses, Geishas, Salsa dancers and Tron warriors.  All of this in just one fashion show? Yes, that’s couture. A show where you can completely forget who you are and get lost in the swaying fabrics on the runway before you.  Each piece displayed had, what looked like, weeks of crafting. My first ever couture show, many years ago, left me almost in tears imagining the work that must have gone into creating each garment. I was left with such an immense appreciation for the time and effort that goes into such expensive creations. They were worth the price tag that they were labeled with, that was always a given. Lately at shows I have not felt that was the case. Couture is never meant to feel thrown together and several designers seem to have forgotten that in the past few seasons. Leave it to Jean Paul Gaultier to bring us back to the fantastic world of fashion imagination where the sky is the limit.


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