How many “fashion faux pas”s can you spot in this picture?

I give you this year’s biggest fashion victim….KELIS, the human milkshake of fashion disasters.
1. When was it ever cool for anyone other than a winter sports enthusiast to wear a onesie like this?
2. Camel Toe…need I say more?
3. If you are going to sport Alexander McQueen shoes make sure they are the main part of your outfit, not playing second fiddle to what you have going on up top.
4. When someone called you a horse’s ass it wasn’t a cue to go and buy a hair weave that resembled the tail of a large animal.
5. I can’t tell if, with the adornments on your head, you are trying to channel the Statue of Liberty or the Queen of Hell.
6. How many sets of fake lashes are you wearing?
7. Did you run out of fake lashes and felt you needed to draw in the ones you were missing below? It makes no sense?
8. Lipstick that matches the dress…works for some…here it just makes you look sick (and not the “sick” that means good).
9. Seriously what is with the hair? Sorry, I just had to mention it twice. It’s all I can look at.
10. This isn’t a criticism…it’s a suggestion – find a stylist…and if you already have one, take her out back and put her out of her misery.


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