Chanel Couture show is a great disappointment

Chanel is one show I look forward to every season. I am always delighted by the way in which they reinvent the classic tweed and revisit the classics when appropriate.  This season I am not sure what was going on behind closed doors as the Chanel “classic” looks seems to have fallen off the deep end. It is clear that the name of the game this week is “futurism.” Armani and Dior have both managed to hit the nail on the head but Chanel just slammed the hammer right into his hand! The embellishments are too overwhelming and seem to take away from the simplicity of the general design. If Lagerfeld had stopped at the first round of detailing the attire may have been a raving success. The silver shoes feel like an afterthought. The jewelry – well, just don’t get me started on that. I can’t remember the last time I left a Chanel show without a list of accessories to purchase. The gowns felt like old lady nightgowns from your local department store. They were unflattering and in some cases absolutely grotesque. The shorts suits were an interesting twist but it was done with no great shakes. They were standard short suits only with shorts that were so long you won’t escape looking like a poorly dressed tourista. Yet, these were the best part of the show.
I am uninspired. I may be standing alone on this one and if so, I am proud to be here. Chanel, let’s hope you have something better to present for in the month ahead!


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