Perfect Man

Cam Gigandet, who you may recognize from a number of movies including Twilight, was pictured out and about a few days ago with his gorgeous daughter Everleigh Rae in tow.  Now why do I call this the perfect man? Alright, let me start with the outfit. That absolute best outfit out there. Is there any woman that would turn away from a guy in loose jeans, white v-neck and a leather bomber with aviators as well? You have got to be kidding me! Any and all men would benefit from trying to put together this sort of daywear. Trust me guys, you won’t be disappointed by the amount of second glances you get. 

Secondly, he has a baby with him. Now, where most men would just be pushing the baby in a stroller, Cam has opted to use the baby sling. Regardless of the fact that he is probably carrying around a 14 baby on his chest, Cam stands tall and walks as if there was nothing there are all. And there’s just that lovely hand to hand contact there between father and daughter. It’s perfect. Gorgeous father, gorgeous baby, effortless look. He just looks same damn cool. Ok I will stop now.


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