Lindsay Lohan’s auction

This is beyond ridiculous so brace yourself. The Lohans, also known as the “famewh*res” , have a site called The Lohan House where you can read about each member of the family and what they are up to at the moment. There’s even a news section in a blog sort of format where you can see the latest publicity stunts for the family. But the reason I mention it is because it was brought to my attention that Lindsay, and the rest of her family, use the site to sell off their clothing. It’s seems to be pretty full of stuff. That might be because they are selling the items for what you would buy them retail. Perhaps they think we want we want the priviledge of wearing their cast-offs? Interesting concept. There dont seem to be a great deal of sales that I can see, over the past week at least. Those poor children. Actually, I don’t even want to go into it as it will just upset me and turn into a rant.  Let’s just say fame is a disease for some.


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