The latest and greatest in plastic surgery – foot fillers!

The Harley Medical Group reveals that whilst Botox remains the most popular pre-Christmas treatment, accounting for 73% of non surgical injectable treatments carried out during November, with dermal fillers – particularly for the lips and brow areas are also up 22% year on year. More unusual filler requests received this year are for ‘foot fillers’, with patients keen to use fillers to plump up the ball of the foot in the sole of the feet to provide some “party padding” to ease the pain of high heels during the party season.

Dr Nick Milojevic said, “It is common for patients to manage their schedules of non surgical treatments in order to have some pre-Christmas fillers and non surgical treatments in the run up to Christmas, to get them camera-ready for the festive season. This year, however, we have received increased enquiries for foot fillers, a technique of using fillers to pad out the ball of the foot to reduce the pain cause by more vertiginous heels. We do say to patients that the results are not long lasting because of the high impact on this area of the body so that they should think twice before spending the money.”

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, said, “We’re still talking tiny numbers of foot fillers in the grand scale of things. Partox – Botox for the party season is still the no.1 injectable this season.”

Other treatments seeing seasonal increases include dermal fillers which work to plump out the skin giving fuller, smoother cheeks and a Christmas picture pout. Chemical peels, which work to remove the top surface of dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother and firmer, has also seen an increase of over 300% following the recent wintry weather and introduction of new effective peels including the popular Obagi Blue Peel.

Liz Dale cautioned, “Before booking in an appointment for any kind of injectable procedure patients should always check with their practitioner that they are a registered healthcare professional.”


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