The fashion Enigma, Lady Gaga, and top ten rules for dressing like the new trendsetter

She’s walked out of the house in getups most mothers would balk at, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Donatella Versace and she’s got an amazing talent for giving the music scene regular number ones. Who is this fanciful creature and why do we love her so much? She walks and the public follow her like lambs to the slaughter.  She used to be an adorable brunette who with a Barbara Streisand-ish nose. She had a normal, cute body, and wore “appropriate” clothing for a girl in her twenties. Then a switch flipped. When her hair went platinum so too did her music and so our obsession began.  

So what are the top ten rules of dressing like lady gaga?

1. Leotards (or a combo resembling such) aren’t just for ballerinas. Stock up on them in every colour and ever fabric now.

2. Accessorize. We are not talking just handbags and pearls. Be creative. Teacups, hair bows (actually made of hair) and funky shades are welcome.

3. Lady Gaga doesn’t believe in following the rules of underwear being hidden “under” clothing? It’s too fine to be in hiding.

4. Throw in a semi-sophisticated look every once and a while just to keep your public guessing.

5. The more uncomfortable the outfit the better. Strive for outright pain.

6. Celebrity arm candy as an accessory is the only accessory this season.

7. There are only two “L’s” in fashion…not Lagerfeld and Louis…..but rather Latex and Lace!

8. Ever seen “The Birds”? Try and channel this look into your daily red carpet wear.

9. There is nothing wrong with dressing with an intention to frighten young children.

10. If in doubt, cover yourself with Kermit the Frog stuffed animals.


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