Spotted…this week’s current fashion mistakes

Paris out shopping with her sis in the city of angels. Gorgeous white dress dummed down by white stilettos. Would have done better with a flat shoe.

Leighton Meester at an American Eagle Outfitters party in NYC. Looks like Elvira. Did that come back into style and I missed the memo? I think not. Back to the drawing boards Leighton. Stick with the innocent look you’ve got going on with Gossip Girl.

I think this picture says it all really. Sharon Stone obviously couldn’t decide if she was going to bed or going to a premiere so somehow thought a Dior combo would cover all her bases.

 She’s the first to brave the red carpet (or black on this occasion) in the horrific Alexander McQueen hooves. We’ve read stories over the weeks of women from all walks of life trying to walk in these shoes only to fall flat on their faces simply trying to maintain a balance in standing. Daphne Guinness has always had some crazy taste in shoes…(we’ll have to do a round up soon) so it is no surprise she was the first to floor us all with these. It really is too bad,  however, that the rest of the outfit was so horrible. The focus should have been on the footwear and the footwear only. Sadly, this is like a car crash…you don’t know where to look, feel bad for looking, but just can’t stop yourself!

She’s gorgeous with any hair colour if we are being honest. Green with envy here. But she really was such a stunner with the golden locks. I guess I just need to get over the Princess Bridge obsession. What a true beauty in that film…and always really. Please Robin Wright…consider going back to blonde!


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