Ok by now everyone and their grandmother have seen the Burberry Cashmere snood that was brought out for the fall season. You know the one I am talking about – the gorgeous classic burberry check that looks so lovely and warm and inviting. Without even laying a finger on it you know it is the answer to what to wear for the cold winter nights ahead.  Well who could have predicted that the snood would take off like it would. And who would have ever thought the Wall Street Journal would go on to write about the snood possibly saving Christmas.  Taking things a little too far perhaps? Have a read and you be the judge. If you can’t afford $295 for the Burberry snood check out your local Zara, Banana Republic, Forever 21 or American Apparel. And don’t worry….every other retailer in the world will follow the trend soon enough. Everyone is jumping on the snood train!

Cashmere Burberry Snood (picture from


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