JC Penney says goodbye to a big book legend

WWD reported today that this will be the first year that the phonebook sized catalogues (they have been upwards of 1500 pages in the past) from J.C. Penney will not land on doorsteps across America. Apparently they are making their catalogues more frequent and more specialized. We will see what that ends up meaning. More importantly can someone tell me if they sent out there huge Christmas buster?

“Big book catalogs have become less relevant as customers have embraced shopping online, where they have ready access to our entire assortment at any time on jcp.com,” said Mike Boylson, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for JC Penney

They certainly have taken to technology like a duck to water. Their website has been driving sales forward since it’s launch and JCP has kept up to speed with new developments like the iphone…with applications and upgrades always at the ready. They can’t be blamed. They are growing with the rest of the world. It is just particularly sad to accept this sort of change. It was nice to receive a catalogue that would take hours to digest. Something you could sit down with under a blanket, with a cup of tea and just flip through page by page with no particular purchase in mind.

They have also come along way with aligning themselves with trendy looks and celebrity idols. Some examples over the years have been there Ralph Lauren Chaps-like label “American Living” which was launched in 2008.

And most recently we have been given Cindy Crawford’s take on how the home should be…all courtesy of the great JCP….

JCP makes up a part of the backbone of American retail. It isn’t going anywhere. So for those panic stricken folks out there. Buy a computer to get your JCP fix and save a few trees. (oh god, I just went earth friendly).


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