A great loss

Daul Kim was pronounced dead yesterday morning. She was found in her flat in Paris and it is initially thought that the cause of death was suicide. She had hung herself. Some of you may know Daul from her amazing blog but most will recognize the name as she was a fantastic fashion model who has been seen on catwalks from New York to Milan.  On the night of the 18th, the night before her death, her final blog post was titled “Say hi to forever” and featured the following a video from youtube of Jim Rivers “I go deep”. If you are familiar with her posts you will remember that a great deal of her writing seemed sad, lonely and a cry for help.  The world of modeling can be so difficult and challenging for the mind as all day everyday you are merely a pretty face. It can make or break some people from within.  I had hoped Daul would allow it to be her making but I am sad to report she is another victim of a harsh world.


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