Did you hear the one about the fashion shoot and the Holocaust memorial?

Sadly I am not referring to a sick joke. This really happened and Easyjet is the brainchild behind the catastrophic mistake. An eight page photo-shoot at the museum was published in the latest edition of the Easyjey inflight magazine, which has seen been pulled from backseats on the planes. The New Statesman was one of the first to pick up on the horrific tale told.  Apparently the company didn’t even know that the photographs had been taken at the memorial until the New Statesman contacted them on the afternoon of November 20th. Those involved in the photoshoot did not find it necessary to seek permission to use the site for the project which in itself is a huge problem.

In a statement to the New Statesman, the airline said:

“easyJet profusely apologises to anyone who may be offended by the inappropriate fashion photo shoot at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin featured in this month’s issue of the in-flight magazine.”

“The magazine is produced by INK — an external publishing house, and easyJet were not aware of the images until they appeared in print. As a consequence we are now reviewing our relationship with the publisher and are withdrawing this month’s issue from all flights.”

“easyJet prides itself on bringing together a wide range of cultures and beliefs and is appalled by this insensitive and inconsiderate photo-shoot, the aim of which was to highlight some of Berlin’s iconic landmarks and certainly no offence was meant.”


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