Carrie Prejean. It really is too bad because she’s quite a pretty girl with not such bad taste in clothing.

I have wanted to give Carrie Prejean the benefit of the doubt so many times. She is generally a good dresser (when not exposing all her flesh) and she seems to want to do right by God (even though she has taken that to a position I have no respect for at all) but her intelligence level seems to be off the radar in the wrong direction. Carrie, I have to tell you sweetheart, your people (AKA those handling your publicity) are not helping you. Why on earth did they put you on Larry King Live and not give you some sort of direction? They are using your lack of intelligence to keep you on the air! Is that really how you want to go down in history? Stand up, take pride in yourself….go do a little reading and come back out into society when you have something intelligent to say. Until then just expect a lot of laughing at you, not with you.  Or maybe you should just try being a pretty face that doesn’t say much at all.
For those of you that haven’t seen this clip yet, check out a real life Barbie Doll on Larry King.


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