Are you jealous of Megan Fox?

Check out the article on NYT written by Lynn Hirschberg on Megan Fox . It’s an interesting little piece on a woman that seems to be getting a lot of press as of late but not a lot of friends.

Some of my favourite quotes:

“She’s not warm or particularly friendly and doesn’t seem at all interested in small talk. Instead, she’s self-contained and a bit wary. She will answer any question, but she resists true dialogue. With Fox, it’s not a conversation but a presentation.”

“In the last month, Fox and her team — her agent, Chuck James, and her publicists, Leslie Sloane Zelnick and Dominique Appel — have grown increasingly nervous about her media image. The lack of success of “Jennifer’s Body” highlighted their concern: the outrageousness that made Fox an instant star was not attracting a paying audience, especially among females. They were hoping that hosting “S.N.L.” and some recent appearances on talk shows on which she seemed demure might help to change the dialogue about Fox from the out-of-control sex bomb to the Fox they know, who is a homebody with a longtime boyfriend (the actor Brian Austin Green, who is 36) and a fondness for spending Saturday nights at Red Lobster, where she likes the cheese biscuits.”

“Although she just signed a deal with Armani to replace Victoria Beckham as its underwear model, and to serve as its jeans model, Fox does not seem particularly fashion-conscious or interested in style. Instead, she’s a student of personalities, of careers, of image.”

And just a quick look back on some of the fashions we have seen Megan appear in over the years…. she truly is the jeans and t-shirt girl…and you know what, she can pull it off!


And a look at some jazzed up imagery for covers. Notice that the majority are men’s magazines. She is a sex icon, not a fashion icon….


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