Inspiration Station with Gap

Feeling a bit down on your style? May I suggest you flip through the old catalogue of Gap commercials to pump up the volume a bit on your fashionista status.  These guys sure do know how to market their product….Here’s a quick step back in time thanks to the wonder that is youtube. And the good news is…after two years off the air they are bringing back some new commercials…stay tuned.
My Personal favourite- Juliette Lewis and Daft Punk for Gap Denim.

Second favourite…

Perhaps their most famous – The Khaki Swing

The biggest fashionista of all time with the old school rocker, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lenny Kravitz. Rock on!

How about a little obsession with Gap Leather.

Gap Commercial – Just Can’t Get Enough
by johan_

A little Will as Neill, brilliant!

Cords with Zombies anyone? I used to love this commercial. Now it simple freaks me out.

Some holiday cheer for you.

The Dynamic Duo series: 
Missy & Madonna

Orlando & Kate

Claire & Patrick


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