The coat you must order right now

You probably won’t believe me when you first read the next line…Walmart is releasing the must have jacket of the season this Sunday.

Ok don’t worry, you aren’t seeing things!

You may have heard that Norma Kamali has been designing a line for Walmart and I have to admit it has brought me in touch with middle America once again. I actually had a guy tip his John Deere cap at me the last time I visited a local Walmart in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was a proud moment.

But back to the topic at hand. If you know anything about fashion you know that Norma Kamali is a legend and her story started for many with her design of a”sleeping bag coat”.  These coats have been seen on fashionistas around the world and are a coveted item in most social circles.

So imagine if I told you you could own one for $35.  You would laugh at me right? Well hold down that giggle. She’s done it. That’s right folks. She has released almost an identical version for Walmart.  I just ordered mine online in three different sizes to make sure I get one that works. I don’t want to chance having these sell out before I get my manicured fingers all over one. And don’t judge the coat by how it is pictured on the website. I’ve seen it at press events and it really is the real deal…

Or you can go for the $500 version (pictured above)…


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