21st Century Louis

Fashion PRs have started an online battle to see who can be top of the heap in using new technology to promote their products. The latest power play rests with Louis Vuitton. On the 7th of October the brand will be broadcasting their catwalk show live on facebook for all their “friends” to view. Looks like someone is going to get a surge in friend requests over the next few days.  Oh Louis, you are so popular.  Checkmate, mate.

This comes after the recent twitter wars behind the scenes at catwalk shows in Paris.  According to Suzy Menkes the fashion world was all a twitter at the recent shows of Balenciaga and Balmain. In fact it seemed they were sprinting to new world records for fashion tweets.

Although I have set up a twitter account, and magically have several people following me, I have yet to really jump into this form of promotion for fashion. I do, and probably always will, feel that the best way to interact in fashion is face to face when and if you can.  However, the internet has done wonderful things for the industry. Instantly now we are able to see the masterpieces being released in New York, London, Paris and Milan and we might be sitting in the ugliest, oldest and holiest pajamas while doing so and no one would know.  Designers are also able to get instant feedback from around the globe – which could be a curse or a blessing depending on who you are….(no names need be mentioned here).

I can only imagine what the next steps in technology will do for fashion and what doors it will open for new, true, talent. The next Alexander McQueen could be watching the Louis Vuitton show from his basement in Harlem on the 7th and dreaming of his own debut one day. Anything is possible, kid.


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