We found one!

Alright, a friend of mine has a copy of the Grace Coddington Style book that was put out in 2002. She has held on to this book like it was the holy grail and there have been many times when I have flipped through the “book” looking for fashion inspiration from the styling god. There are over 400 pages of yummy photographs in the book and you are guaranteed to live a fuller, more fashionable life if you own this! The only problem is that it is out of print and you rarely, if ever, find one of these books in a used book store- trust me I’ve been looking. But, I have an ebay alert set up and found the following this morning:
That’s right folks – it’s a copy of the book itself. It’s in far from perfect condition but still worth the buy. This book is magical. I can only hope and pray that now Grace has received so much attention from the new documentary with Anna Wintour that someone will think to do a reprint!


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