Maybe Supermodels should leave designing to the professionals?

I think sometimes models confuse their being styled with the idea that they have style. 

It is fair to say that after you have been dressed by some of the world’s greatest minds in fashion some of their genius could have rubbed off on you. However, the chances of this occurring I believe is very slim (nearly as slim as the models themselves).  But I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Hence my excitement in awaiting the collection of Erin Wasson…one of the world’s current “supermodels.”  Erin has perfected the grunge look both on photoshoots and in her everyday life.  With this collection she attempted to translate her own “style” onto the catwalk with the hope of clothing the masses.  The only problem is that somewhere along the way it got lost in translation. There is no real style here other than the look of someone that just rolled out of bed.  This may work for Erin but it won’t work for Henrietta Housewife. Try again next year?


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