The Marmite of the Fashion World.

You either love her or you hate her. There doesn’t seem to be much space for any feelings in between when it comes to the queen of the fashion world, Ms. Anna Wintour.

She sits in the highest, most coveted post in fashion – Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine,USA. She is celebrating her 21st year in this position and has plenty to show for the time spent at the helm.  In fact, if you are reading about Anna here for the first time I think it is safe to assume you have been living under a rock for the past 21 years.

She is a household name, like Betty Crocker or Albert Einstein. I know these two sound like extremes but Anna Wintour will be remembered by people in all different walks of life – From those housewives that spend their days flipping through the pages of Vogue and dreaming of a life in the big city where styles change faster than their cakes fall…to the great minds of our time who shape our daily existence and improve our quality of life through great discoveries.

Anna Wintour, herself, is a great discovery.  She will be written about in history books. One day my own daughter will come home from school with a Social Studies textbook and I will see Anna’s beautiful bob (the same style she has sported since the age of 14) staring back at me.

We will all have our own Anna stories to share with the next generation.  I can only hope that we can share Anna herself. The sad fact, that we all face, is that no one lives forever. And even sadder is the fact that Anna’s daughter Bee has decided not to continue in her mother’s footsteps. Does Anna have another that she has eyed up to carry on her legacy? Twenty years in charge has created some pretty big Manolos to fill!

The press have gone crazy with tales of her wild life. From setting up shoots as a teenager with Helmut Newton to running off with Bob Marley while in New York City, even her early years were clear indicators that this was no ordinary girl from London town.  In 1988, at the age of of 39, she turned Vogue in a direction with her very first cover, the November issue of that year.  This happens to be one of my favourite covers of Vogue USA and it’s because it is such an important picture in time of how our world of fashion would change so drastically with it all laying in her fragile, yet controlling, hands.  Do you think anyone before Anna had ever dared put a model on the front cover of a magazine where not even the whites of her eyes are visible? Rather than following the usual pattern of beauty close-ups Anna let the world know Vogue was a fashion magazine. Yes it was going to showcase beautiful women but only in order to give the clothing a proper hanger for display.  The cover could be the cover today and that is how each and every cover since has been. They are works of art…and yes someone should consider doing an exhibition of ever cover she has done since this one. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful trip through time?

I could go on forever about Anna Wintour. I have absorbed every article, book, blog, tv program, movie or picture there is that may in any way relate to her. I adore her for her ambition and her steely reserve. She needs no one and yet has a hold on everyone. There is no replacement for Anna Wintour. She is the Queen, Goddess, Empress and Ruler of Fashion.  All those that have anything else to say about it are most likely intimidated by her brilliance and ability to exist as an island in this world.  Remove your jealousy bone and take a moment, if that is all you have, to appreciate a legend in our own time.


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