Breakfast at Tiffany’s? That’ll be $40,000 please!

So here’s an idea…instead of that fall wardrobe you were eyeing up online at net-a-porter how about investing the money in a breakfast….with a $40,000 price tag….at Tiffany’s….in London. No, it doesn’t include a private jet from anywhere in the world, accommodation at The Metropolitan and a shopping spree at Tiffanys.  

But for this bargain price you do get the following:

  • A croissant which has been coated with edible gold and diamonds and comes with hand-seeded Bar le Duc on the side.
  • a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee
  • a glass of cava….only kidding…it’s Chambord and comes served in a bottle that has been decorated with jewels worth over $2.4million.

I want to know what the goody bag looks like. I also want to see who the hell signs up for such an idiotic meal. Can someone send Tiffany’s the recession memo?


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