Style Update: That Green and White Polka Dot Dress

posted on: Monday, 20 May 2019

Never before have I been inundated with so many DMs on Instagram as when I put up the first picture you see in this post. Who knew a little green and white number would cause such a commotion? Well, I suppose I should have known, as I went crazy when I saw this on sale, on the website, for the first time. I couldn't press purchase fast enough. This is a dress that looks like it deserves a price tag easily in the three figure mark. But, at only £38, I'm starting to think I should have bought two just in case something happens to the first one. Does anyone else think like this? If disaster strikes and someone spills a whole bottle of red down my front, I want to know I have backups. 

FFG Eats: Donnelly's in Bermondsey Bar & Kitchen SE1

Over the past six months, I have found myself hanging around the SE postcodes in London a lot more than I would have ever anticipated. While this is mostly down to personal reasons, I've also noticed an increase in the number of restaurant invites coming from this side of town. There's no need to say "it's having a boom time," as this part of town has always been pretty lively and attracts a lot of foot traffic from locals, weekday workers and tourists alike. It makes sense for restaurants to open doors here, or in the case of this review, for talented chefs to take up residencies. Yes, my latest foodie moment came courtesy of James Donnelly, who is currently whipping up a killer menu at the Bermondsey Bar & Kitchen, located just a stone's throw from London Bridge Station. On a Saturday morning in April, we found ourselves tucking in, for the first time, to experience brunch, Donnelly's style. What was delivered to the table certainly didn't disappoint. 

FFG Eats: Abuelo, Covent Garden, London

posted on: Friday, 3 May 2019

Walking in the front door of Abuelo in London, you won't be the first to stop and ask where you'll find the main dining room. You're looking at it. The small space, that seats no more than about 15, is intimate to say the least, but designed to reflect the concept of eating in an actual home. One family sized table occupies the window, with two smaller tables off to the right taking up the remaining space. So, as you can imagine, timing is everything when eating here. Although it should be noted that many visitors are popping in simply to pick up a delicious coffee and a slice of cake that looks as if it belongs in a museum for the world's most decadent dishes.

The book that changed my life...

posted on: Thursday, 2 May 2019

I went back and forth on the title of this post for a while. I wondered if my wording wasn't too strong. I thought people might think I was being dramatic in stating that a book changed my life. I worried that maybe it might seem to click bait-like or that it wouldn't be taken seriously. But, as many times as I tried to change it, I always came back to "The book that changed my life," because that's exactly what it did. There's no exaggerating with that statement. If there was one book I could put in the hands of my younger self, over and over again, it would be this one. And I will be forever grateful for the woman that put it in mine. But, let's take a step back here. How did Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse me, your life is waiting, find it's way into my hands and why do you need to read this book right now? Read on dear reader.