Style Update: The Camel Vest

posted on: Tuesday, 25 September 2018

If you had asked me if I'd ever pictured myself "being photographed wearing camels walking across my chest," I think you know I'd tell you that you are crazy. But here we are, on a casual Wednesday, and I'm sharing just that. But truly, I am obsessed. This vest was a discovery of epic proportions as I remember my mom wearing a similar fashion back in the day. It was around the same time Princess Diana was sporting the very same aesthetic. Fast forward 30 years and I'm sitting here nodding my head and thinking "never ever throw anything away... it always comes back around full circle." But, that's a lecture for another time. 

London Shopping: The Shop at Bluebird Covent Garden

posted on: Monday, 24 September 2018

The latest and greatest here isn't so latest anymore. The Shop at Bluebird Covent Garden opened this summer and, in all honesty, I'm ashamed I'm only just now getting around to shouting loud and proud about it. Bluebird was always one of my favourite shops on the Kings Road. Their edit was impeccable and their layout left every shopper feeling as if they were in the lap of fashion luxury. And just when you think they can't do any better than they already are, they up sticks and move to a new location. Talk about throwing a girl for a loop. Only this loop has well and truly taken me by surprise. The move to Covent Garden has created a version of The Shop at Bluebird that I could have never dreamt up with my most intense imaginary skills. Every single corner of this shop is impeccably styled and filled with items one will feel they need to instantly have in their possession.

Style Update: Doing the Polka Pants Dance

posted on: Sunday, 23 September 2018

Finally, my love of food and fashion have come together in one place and I'm 100% pointing my finger at Gizzi Erskine and saying "you made me do this..." Let me take a step back here. You see those leopard print trousers I'm wearing? Well, those trousers are actually designed for chefs. I kid you not. Those stretchy fabulous printed pants are called PolkaPants and they are the brainchild of Australian born chef Maxine Thompson, who had a vision for a more stylish and comfortable chef trouser. Apparently the previous options were all unisex, baggy and generally unflattering. So PolkaPants was born. So, how did I get involved?

Style Update: A Pink and Tweed Supermarket Sweep

posted on: Wednesday, 19 September 2018

I'm not a lady who thought she ever needed pink trousers in her life... ever. Pink sweater, sure. Pink coat, I'm in. But, pink trousers- never found any that I was really crazy about. Well, never say never, dear lady. I've discovered a pink pant palace. Ok, that might be a little too far. But, I did discover some pink trousers that I absolutely adore and I discovered them in the same shop where you buy your apples and oranges. It just so happens to be the same place you'll find this trench as well. Good, yes. Dangerous... you betcha.