posted on: Friday, 20 September 2019

Outfit du Jour returns

Over the past three years I've had more requests to bring back Outfit du Jour than anything else. So, I'm caving in, finally, and slowly reintroducing one of FFG's most popular segments. For those of you that aren't old school FFG readers, let me give you a quick brief on what exactly this is.

Style Update: It's all about the lateral cutout

posted on: Thursday, 19 September 2019

Don't mind me. Just quietly getting lost in the last florals of the season. I'm talking about the plant life in front of me, not referring to the fact that my floral dresses are now all stacked away in storage. Yes, autumn winter is rolling in. The stores are filled with coats and massive jumpers and I'm dreaming of roaring fires and cashmere blankets. But before we go full on snow, I'm easing into autumn winter just like the current weather.... something that can't make up its mind. I'm mixing things in as they find their way into my wardrobe and today I'm proud to once again support a brand that's supporting women...Palmer//Harding.

FFG Travels: Returning to Dormy House

Dormy House Cotswolds Luxury Hotel
Dormy House Cotswolds Luxury Hotel Sunset
I’ve been obsessed with the Cotswolds since I first moved to England. To me, it was initially the equivalent of escaping to Maine or New Hampshire from New York City. It’s a collection of small beautiful towns and villages that truly look as if they belong in the time of Jane Austen. And just in case you may think that’s a coincidence – it’s not. This is Jane Austen country. It’s a wildly magical and fantastical part of the country that is both rugged and romantic and it captured my heart from the first moment I stepped off a train to go antiquing in Woodstock in 2003. Ever since, I’ve never turned down an opportunity to explore this part of the world, be it at a friend’s house or writing a hotel review. In 2014, I visited Dormy House, a luxury hotel in the Cotwolds, to celebrate the opening of their newly launched spa. We battled through the floods that nearly destroyed this part of the world in that season. It was mass devastation to the countryside and the trip out was one masked by great tragedy and sadness. Upon arriving, however, you would never know that the countryside was in great disrepair. Dormy House welcomed us in and put on quite the show to give us all the best possible stay. We were not left disappointed. In fact, I left wondering how soon it would be before I could get back. The answer came last month. It would be five years and once again I would be pulling up to Dormy House, looking for a slice of the good life. And once again, pulling up, I felt every ounce of stress and tension disappear from my body. That is what the Cotswolds, what Dormy House, does for you. It wipes the London right out of you.

Learning to sleep better with Habitat in Brighton | AD

posted on: Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Habitat Artist Residence
Bathtub Artist Residence
In collaboration with Habitat. 
Last week, Keanu (yes, I'm still talking about my car) and I made our way down to Brighton for a one night stay to celebrate a very special new launch. I don't think I've ever written about habitat here on FFG before. But, it's a brand I've held on a pedestal for nearly two decades now in London. My first year living here, I saved for two months to buy what I thought was the perfect throw pillow. For a woman making less than minimum wage as an intern in a big city, even buying a pizza was a luxury. So, bringing that first throw pillow home was a big deal for me. Ever since then, walking into the habitat store on Tottenham Court Road has always felt like a luxury. So, you can imagine when the invite came through to come down to one of the UK's most treasured hotels, with one of the UK's most celebrated interiors brands, I couldn't respond fast enough with a ginormous "yes"!