Style Update: Coordinates for days...

posted on: Friday, 22 March 2019

I may be 39, but I truly still feel as if I'm 19 these days. The only sign, that I can see, that I'm getting  any older can be found in the toning down of colour in my wardrobe. No other signs of adulthood found anywhere here, just the introduction of more neutral colours, that don't shout "look at me" constantly as I walk through the streets of London. I mean, as if being over six feet tall wasn't enough of an attention grabber, right? Yet, I'm known for embracing every colour of the rainbow and have done for as long as I can remember. Maybe that's why these moments seem the most shocking, the most risk-taking and the most memorable. These are the style moments when I'm trying classic and demure on for size, but am still able to express myself without feeling stuffy or too "old lady-ish." I guess that's what I'm always struggle with - trying to dress my age while still feeling cool.

Style Update: The Midi Black Dress

posted on: Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The hunt for the perfect black dress continues, because, frankly speaking, it's never enough to just have one little black dress hanging in the closet. One needs backups. Little black dresses need friends. So, I am always on the look out for a new addition and this one was a no brainer. When I first spotted it, it was the versatility of the shoulders that grabbed me. You can wear it off the shoulder or full coverage (if you simply can't live without a bra giving you that extra over the shoulder support). It's also a midi style (might even be maxi on some) and has the most flattering cinch in for every hourglass figure out there. It's also a high street dress, so it's something we can buy without feeling bad about on our credit card bill the next day.

Visiting Mare Street Market

posted on: Monday, 18 March 2019

London's latest and greatest comes in the form of a marketplace in the east end of the city. When I first heard of Mare Street Market, I was told it was worth the trip east for the pizza alone. So, I went, booted, suited and ready for a big slice of cheese and tomato cooked goodness. That's all I was expecting, nothing more. When I arrived, I wasn't quite prepared for what was awaiting me.

Palmer//Harding: A "size-mic" shift

posted on: Sunday, 17 March 2019

Love at first sight is usually something reserved for romantic comedies, and is almost exclusively used to describe a meeting of two people. In my life, love at first sight is a phenomenon I've experienced a few dozen times. I consider myself lucky. Only I'm not referring to love at first sight in the traditional "meet cute" sense. I'm talking about falling in love with fashion, one dress, one designer or one catwalk at a time. Last month, I had a moment in East London where I was overcome with love for designer, dress and catwalk all at once. This was the day I met the design duo Palmer//Harding. I should have known I'd be in love immediately. Together they mirror my own split personality, one coming from the southern states of America and the other a born and bred Londoner.