Where to get an American Thanksgiving in London?

posted on: Tuesday, 20 November 2018

This will be my 15th Thanksgiving spent in London. Every year I try to do something special so that the day doesn't go without a bit of recognition. I think of my American friends and family at home eating massive turkeys, stuffing themselves with cranberry sauce and way over doing it on the pumpkin pie. And yes, THAT makes me terribly homesick. The good news, however, is that London has actually picked up on the Thanksgiving trend in a massive way. I guess there are just too many of us, Americans I mean, over here at the moment. We're all looking for a Thanksgiving turkey feast in London and a real dinner to honour the day isn't the easiest thing to come by. Some people like to do things their own way. But, I'm all about tradition. So, last week when I was invited by The Rollinson London to try the Thanksgiving Dinner at Balthazar, I was curious. Could they actually put together a Thanksgiving feast that was worth spreading the news about to you guys? Was it the real deal? Well, dear reader, I can tell you, hands down, this was one of the most delicious Thanksgiving experiences I've had in London. 

Style Update: A lesson in London layering

posted on: Monday, 19 November 2018

Londoners, this week is going to be a cold one. There is sure to be frost, blustery winds and the occasional tube torment (actually, that's always isn't it?). So it's officially time to start thinking about layering like a boss, lady. All Londoners know that layering in the winter months is an essential lifesaving skill. You step out of your house into freezing cold conditions, in need of gloves, hats, huge coats and more. You then step onto the Tube, and into someone's armpit, and wish you were wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. This whole in and out of the cold business ain't easy and don't you let anyone downplay it. You have to learn to layer. You have to embrace throwing at least four or five warming/removable options into any ensemble and it's not easy to do, sometimes, without looking like the stay puffed marshmallow man.

Fortnums comes to the city!

Hold onto your hats, Fortnum's fans! Fortnum & Mason have just opened a brand new location right smack dab in the middle of the city. From a new restaurant in the heart of The Royal Exchange, to a full Fortnum's shop just a few feet away from your bright blue brunching banquette, this needs to be on your radar for the foreseeable future. 

Style Update: Christmas Cozy

posted on: Friday, 16 November 2018

The weather is turning, the leaves are all starting to disappear and our closets have fully shifted from summer dresses to heavy coats. While I love holiday ensembling as much as the next person, there's really one style of dressing that I look forward to so much more. For me, winter is all about cashmere comfort. Go ahead, call me a snob, but it's the one way in which I truly spoil myself every Christmas. And yes, I do spoil myself. I also happen to find one shop gets me in trouble, in particular - The White Company.