Style Update: The Accessories Game just changed...

posted on: Monday, 21 January 2019

Full Disclosure: Fashion Foie Gras is an ambassador for Marks & Spencer. 

Brace yourselves... there's a wave coming and it's all about accessories. Marks & Spencer right now are killing it, killing it, I tell you. Their bags, jewellery and shoes are a thing of greatness and it's all perfectly trans-seasonal. That means you can walk in now, buy now, and wear all the way through summer, practically.  I spotted this bag in the window, this weekend, and literally ran into the store to find it somewhere. I had that feeling of dread in my stomach like it might be display only or something. But, within five minutes, I had the bag in hand and was headed for a register. Only problem was that I walked past the jewellery section and these bangles caught my eye. One thing led to another and I was doing a big store shop, with arms completely full and almost at breaking point when I reached the cash wrap. So, naturally I had to share my discoveries....

Style Update: Coveralls (overalls) for the win

posted on: Sunday, 20 January 2019

When I was 14, Old Navy opened their first ever store in North Carolina. It was a 35 minute drive from my house and it was the official hot style spot from the day the doors opened. Women by the SUV load were making their way across town to shop and everyone at my high school was buying one item in particular - corduroy overalls (coveralls if you are reading this in the UK). I remember they cost $29.99. I know this specifically because I recall having to babysit two Fridays in a row to buy a pair. Now, let me put a little perspective on this. I'm 14, I'm 5'11 and a good six inches taller than every other girl buying these overalls. But, I bought them anyway. When I got home, however, and tried to style them up, I just couldn't make the look work. They fit me awkwardly, they didn't fall at the hip the way every other girl wore them and they made me look about five miles wide. Overalls and I had a very short love affair. They were never worn out of the house. In fact, they sat in the back of my closet until I left for university and had to clear out my wardrobe. 

Forget the self help books, all you need is this movie...

posted on: Friday, 18 January 2019

You can go and spend over a hundred bucks on self help books this week, or you can drop a twenty on a ticket this weekend to see a movie that will fill you with more hope, inspire you to do greater things and move you to a level that you will never quite be able to discover anywhere else. Last night, I sat for two hours at the London iMax on tenterhooks watching Alex Honnold climb El Capitan, a  3,200-foot steep rock face in the heart of Yosemite. I suppose I should mention he was climbing "Free Solo"- no ropes, no carabiners, no support. It was just a man in a red tee, ripped hem trousers and a bum bag, full of climbing chalk, quite literally staring down death and teasing it with a big toothy grin. To watch this, to experience this, even as someone that has never even climbed atop an oversized boulder, was one of the most thrilling cinematic experiences I have ever had. 

How to live through Instagram's #10yearchallenge (and the best bits you might have missed)

posted on: Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Unless you've been on a sabbatical from social media for the past 48 hours, you will have noticed there are two things taking Instagram by storm. First is the egg that is quickly approaching 50 million likes on Instagram and is proving that social media is just as we have always imagined... a place where anyone, even an egg, can truly have their fifteen minutes of fame. But, I'm not here to write about the egg, although I just did. So, the egg wins. I'm here, instead, to talk about another phenomenon involving a flashback in time. For the past two days, accounts on instagram have been taking part in a 10-year challenge. No one quite knows where it started, but the trend is here and everyone is sharing their selfies, 2009 vs. 2019. The shares have left people wondering, in many cases, how to react. Most people are taking the selfie high ground and showcasing how much better they look ten years later. Fair play to you. And here's hoping that's the truth. I haven't seen too many people share anything differently. Well, that's not entirely true. The celeb rags have jumped on the bandwagon and they're sharing all sorts of celebrity comparisons that are less than flattering. Pharrell, however, seems to have broken the internet. The dude hasn't aged a day in twenty years, let alone ten (see below). But, with all this sharing, I got to thinking about, first of all, whether or not I would do this myself, and whether this was all just a disaster waiting to happen for most people.