Style Update: Dresses for tall ladies!

posted on: Thursday, 19 July 2018

Being 6'2 ain't easy when it comes to fashion. Dresses are never long enough, sleeves look like they were made for a child and inseams are a constant joke. So, when you discover a retailer that's got it right, really right, you hunt their website on a weekly basis looking for the latest and greatest to fill our your wardrobe. This red dress comes from a tall lady's dream online shop with a whole section devoted just to the tall women of the world. They usually also offer the same dresses in regular and plus sizes... just in case some of you aren't vertically blessed beyond anything normal. 

4 ways to wear polka dots this summer!

posted on: Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Alright beauties, let's get real about polka dots. They are a style staple that won't be leaving the fashion fold anytime soon. So, it's time to embrace them and welcome them into your wardrobe for season's to come. This season, Marks & Spencer is offering up some seriously fabulous options when it comes to the circular closet updater. So, in my partnership with the brand, I thought I'd shine a light on how to wear polka dots in your day to day looks. Get ready for some style spotting...

Five ways to wear the hottest footwear trend: trainers (that's "sneakers" for the Americans)

posted on: Monday, 16 July 2018

A few weeks ago I went to Bicester Village for a shop, in partnership with the village. While in residence, an idea was born concerning a how to style piece. I tripped upon the perfect trainers in Saint Laurent and found myself thinking, "can I actually pull these off?" Women all over the world are embracing the trend of hiding the heels and trying on the trainers with everything from black tie looks to workwear ensembles, so I thought I'd give myself a little challenge and it goes something like this. I challenged myself to wear these designer Saint Laurent star trainers, (purchased for an insane discount of 90% off) from Bicester Village, at least five times over the course of two weeks. This would bring the price per wear down to less than a daily sandwich value meal. So if I thought I wasn't feeling it, I wouldn't feel terrible about the purchase as it was an experiment worth conducting. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how often I was slipping them on. Rather than wearing them only five days out of the fourteen, I actually wore them for a grand total of ten! That's success, in my book at least. Anywho, I only captured five of the looks to share here today as I only had five days with a photographer scheduled to capture the outfits. So without further ado, for anyone looking for ideas on how to wear trainers in their everyday life, here are five ways to wear the footwear trend taking the world by storm.... this is how to wear trainers for an everyday stylish life

Style Update: Feeling Leafy

posted on: Sunday, 15 July 2018

If you live in London, I need to start this little ditty with a miraculous discovery. In Westfield London, Shepherd's Bush, there exists a shopping heaven. This weekend I was meandering through Marks & Spencer, doing my regular shop as an ambassador for the brand. Full disclosure again - I do get a set amount of free product every month to wear and share. However, the M&S girls will tell you I usually spend whatever money I make on the collaboration right back in the store. It's a bad habit really, but I really do love the brand. But, back to the shopping heaven. I was in store, with both arms holding piles of clothes, when an angel appeared out of nowhere and asked if she could take my items to a fitting room. She directed me to a spot I'd never seen before and told me to keep perusing the store and all my items would be there when I was ready. So, I kept going and filled the arms once again.