Celebrating A Table in Venice by Skye McAlpine

posted on: Thursday, 19 April 2018

My first weekend in Venice was back in 2001, when I was studying abroad in Italy. I had caught a train from Florence and travelled up to explore the city mid-winter. It was freezing cold. There were no tourists sipping Aperol Spritz from fishbowls sized glasses, no crowds of people clogging up the bridges in hopes of scoring the perfect gondola picture and no sign of the sun anywhere. The weather itself couldn't have been more drab and had I been anywhere else I can assure you I would have found it hard to stay positive about this adventure. But Venice, well, she's different. In this city, "drab" doesn't exist, only magic. My love affair with Venice has been going strong for 17 years and I can talk endlessly about its charm, beauty and uniqueness. I do believe there are certain souls who will always find happiness in this beautiful corner of the world, and somehow those souls will always be drawn to one another. Years ago now I started following Skye McAlpine on Instagram because of her very obvious adoration of her split life between London and Venice. For me, she seemed to be living the ultimate dream. I won't lie. I was envious. Every picture was perfect, every dish she shared looked like something out of the dream Italian kitchen and her dinner parties became a thing of legend in my mind. Then, I met Skye McAlpine. You know they tell you never to meet people you idolise from afar as you'll find yourself disappointed? Don't listen to "them." If I wasn't in love with Skye enough already before meeting her, I certainly fell head over heels after a breakfast encounter and today I'm pleased to call her a friend. But, the time has come where I need to share her with the world. Yesterday, Skye held a breakfast at Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden to introduce friends to her new cookbook - A Table in Venice.

Shopping Six: ASOS Coats & Jackets that are easily mistaken for designer dreams

posted on: Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Over the past few weeks I've worn a lot of ASOS coats out and about and every single time I step out I get asked by random strangers where they can get my coat. When I say "ASOS," the look on their faces in priceless. So, I thought I'd share the six coats I've bought thus far. They are all under £100 and all coats that are perfect to throw over a summer dress, jeans or a great pair of black trousers. Easy peasy, people.

60 Hour Foodie Weekend in New York City in Residence at Moxy Times Square

posted on: Tuesday, 17 April 2018

There are a lot of reasons to visit New York. Some people go to sightsee. Some folks think the shopping's pretty incredible (ok, who am I kidding.... I'm one of those people). Then there are others that go for the food. Of course if there's time enough you can go for all three. But, for one weekend only, I devoted all of my energy to discovering a highlight reel of New York City Foodie moments to share with the masses. I'm not going to lie. It was tough. There were pizzerias, bakeries, ice cream parlours, pancake houses, seafood restaurants, Mexican restaurants and more, all on a list that had been put together months in advance. The only restriction was the fact that we only had 60 hours to cover it all. I had roped in my best friend from Washington, D.C. to come up to the city for the weekend and help me in conquering the foodie feast that is New York City. In the end, we barely scratched the surface of our list. It's clear that a repeat trip is needed. But, in the name of research, I think we did well in finding ten places to feature. Let's just say the sign of a good foodie trip is not being able to button your jeans at the end of it. So, let's kick in, shall we?

Shopping Six: Spring Bags

posted on: Sunday, 15 April 2018

Looking for spring bags on a budget? Look no further. Here are six that are easy on the credit card and perfect for the warm weather ahead. The season is coming, don't you worry. Spring is just around the corner and picnics in Hyde Park aren't too far in the future. So grab these now, pair them with a light summer dress and leave the rest up to fate...