FFG Travels: Kiawah Island Resort, South Carolina

posted on: Thursday, 18 October 2018

When new acquaintances ask me to describe my home in "The South," I know they are always expecting me to compare my lifestyle to something out of Gone With The WindFried Green Tomatoes or Dawson's Creek. There is an incredible romance that has built up around this part of the world, because of the way it has been portrayed in popular culture around the globe. Forrest Gump sold us the simple life, with Spanish Moss billowing in the live oaks at every turn; Reese Witherspoon returned home to Sweet Home Alabama, turning her back on the big city and re-embracing the slow southern lifestyle; and of course no one living should carry on without watching the kiss to end all kisses at the end of a Southern dock in The Notebook. In short, there is a reason so many stories are given life in the Southern states. It's every bit as romantic as you would imagine it to be. Even after calling it home for 38 years, it can still charm and seduce me every time. My heart is here, it will always be here. But, there are moments when the Southern Charm is so powerful, so poignant, that I am nearly brought to my knees by it's unique ability to woo even the toughest critic. But, I've often struggled with answering the question, "where can I stay in South Carolina where that Southern Charm will be delivered in spades?" It's not for lack of searching. It's a challenge I haven't taken on lightly, but one that came to a swift conclusion after spending five minutes inside The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, a Preferred Hotels Resort

Style Update: Styled by Eva Mendes

posted on: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

I love being able to share online discoveries of great brands and not so well known collaborations with you guys as often as I can. I think there is so much going on with shopping online that we often miss out on the collections that are really deserving of headlines and often don't get them, for whatever reason. I call them the "sleepers." A part of me loves that, globally, these collections aren't spoken about as much as they could be, as it means I can get in and grab the product as it launches without worrying about anything selling out immediately. So, I'm almost a little hesitant to say this out loud, but one of my favourite designers over the past couple of years has actually been....drum roll please.... EVA MENDES.

Style Update: The Reality

posted on: Friday, 12 October 2018

Yesterday was a weird one. No this picture wasn't actually taken yesterday, it was, in fact, taken the day before. This is a picture of me looking happy and upbeat, out and about.  In reality, I didn't even leave the house yesterday. I didn't speak to a solitary soul, unless you count Whatsapp and iMessage. And I had my head down at my desk trying to get through everything from filing my American taxes (yes, I pay tax in both the UK and the USA....don't get me started on this) to mapping out content for the next two weeks while I'm in New England. Why am I sharing all this? Well, I think it's really easy to think that everyday online is a happy, fun filled day for those of us that are regularly sharing content. In truth, most days are not spent hopping around in a pink coat in Notting Hill. So sorry if I'm shattering any illusions you may have. It's just that I firmly believe we paint a perfect picture too often and very seldom is the reality showcased.

Say thank you with free Roses from Cadbury

posted on: Thursday, 11 October 2018

This is a public service announcement for all Londoners looking to get in the good books with a loved one, a family member or a dear friend. Cadbury have opened a very special Roses shop in Central London and they want to help you say Thank You, on them.