Style Update: Floral Camouflage

posted on: Monday, 23 March 2015

How to wear florals in fashion? Well, in my opinion, the more floral you can wear in one outfit, the better. If you needed proof, just look above and below. I am a floral monster of sorts. I blame all the years growing up as a child wearing Laura Ashley and Ralph Lauren floral print dresses. I wanted to go crazy with mixing and matching, but wasn't permitted. So, in my adult years, I'm throwing caution to the wind and working florals in fashion without rules. Who makes the rules in fashion anyway? You, the wearer, are in charge of what's cool and what's not, so push the boat out every now and again. Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun. Right now, I'm having a blast. Now, pass more floral, please!

What I'm wearing:


  1. Stunning lady! you look so pretty in the Boden floral dress and heels. I'm new to your blog and am loving it, especially with the odd, cute dog pic thrown in. You always look so glamorous!

  2. That's a real flower power. And indeed, it looks like a camouflage. I'd go to a party dressed like this.