Watch 73 Questions with Victoria Beckham Video... the most cringe worthy episode yet!

posted on: Saturday, 10 January 2015

Oh Victoria Beckham, in what universe was letting Vogue publish this video a good idea?

At 2:30am I watched said footage from what is one of my favourite web series to date - Vogue's 73 questions with. At the end of six minutes, Victoria Beckham had managed to make Anna Wintour look like Mary Poppins by comparison. 73 questions with Victoria Beckham is basically defined by the opening scene in which Victoria Beckham enters her shop in London and greets the sales assistant in quite possibly the most cringe worthy moment ever. Watch and you'll see what I mean. Let's just say that moment of hug vs handshake is just everyone's nightmare greeting brought to life. 

The video continues with Victoria Beckham guiding Vogue's interviewer through the store. She keeps her back to the camera for roughly 87% of the video. Out of all the "73 Questions" with Vogue videos, everyone else figures out how to move while still keeping facetime with the camera. Apparently Victoria Beckham didn't get the memo. Basically Victoria Beckham is a honey badger (see video at end). She "don't give a sh*t."

Then there's the moment in the 73 questions where Victoria is asked about her smiling habits. Tis true, the lady doesn't smile throughout the entire interview. Apparently, she's smiling on the inside. 

Oh, and is it just me or is telling the world that the movie title for your life would be "The Hunger Games" just the slightest bit creepy and edging on promoting anorexia in the industry? Just saying. I know she's known for being witty and all that, but that may be more on the sick side than quick wit side of things. 

Without further ado... the video, for you to examine yourself....

And another video VB could have starred in... or perhaps modeled herself on... The Honey Badger... she "don't give a sh*t"....


  1. Testing this as a few of you have said you can't comment.

  2. Hey Emily, I watched this yesterday and can't bring myself to sit through it again. This could have been a chance for Mrs Beckham to change popular opinion about her but boy oh boy did she miss that chance, instead she is now firmly cemented in her very fake and really not witty at all bubble.

  3. I struggled to finish this as it was SO BAD. My favourite part is right at the end when the sales assistant it packing up the sunglasses and she snatches them out of his hand before he puts the second sticker on. Just so awkward.

  4. "You'd be so nice to come home to..."....NOT

  5. I totally agree, so far such a great series of videos but this one this one was so cringeworthy. I don't understand why her people didn't demand a restart after after the awkward handshake/hug...unless this was the best take of the bunch? I loved the Hunger Games comment though, I thought it actually showed a sense of humour as she clearly has been hungry since the Spice Girls.