What I wore to London Fashion Week Day Four: A Ralph Lauren love-in.

posted on: Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Day four at London Fashion Week and I decided to step into my vintage collection. Kicking off with a Ralph Lauren jumper from the late 80's, layered on top of a basic shift dress from years ago and boots from the same generation, there was only one new piece in the lot. Naturally said new piece was front and centre. I'm speaking of that brown beauty in the crook of my arm, otherwise known as the Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag. Oh yes, I was head to toe in the designer. It's a sickness people and I'm dealing with it, one Ralph Lauren purchase at a time.

Oh, and that fantastic fishtail braid was courtesy of the talented blow bar boys at Hershesons. 

Truly loved this ensemble, even if I did get a few looks from people wondering if I had borrowed the Big Lebowski's bathrobe. 


  1. great look, love the pop of color via earrings

  2. I like the coat but the rest looks rather dull. You are at fashion week and not invited to your in-laws. Something fun under that coat would have been nice.

    1. Hey Caroline! Thanks for the feedback. I actually don't "dress up" for fashion week. Like to think it's another day at the office and keep it real. This was a Ralph Lauren look so kept it low key as the sweater called for :) Don't worry though, there's colour coming in tomorrow's post! xxoo

  3. I think it is rather refreshing to have people not dress absurdly over the top as well. Remember fashion is about fashion and fashion comes in all shapes, colours and tastes. At the end of this day, Emily pulled out a great RL outfit, since she was going to the show on the same day.

    Some people like to be the centre of attention during fashion week - mostly because of their outfits, which is perfectly honorable - but fashion week is also about the designers and, as Emily said, this was another day at the office for her. She probably knows more about fashion (used to work as PR) than any of the crazy-looking fashionistas out there. So instead of criticising her about her look - which may appear dull to you, but no to everyone - I would in the contrary thank Emily for providing us a great daily account of LFW.

    I read some blogs for the style of their bloggers, and other blogs for the content (mostly in writing). Not saying that you, Emily, don't have a great style (on the contrary) but I read your blog because it fulfills my need of critical daily fashion news. I sometimes feel you don't get enough positive comments, but you deserve it!

    M, not straightly working in fashion but with a passionate yet objective eye on it.