Victoria Beckham scores another cover, yet loses a finger

posted on: Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Victoria Beckham has another cover to add to her wall of fame at home. The designer/former Spice Girl can be found "lounging" on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy for the January 2014 cover in nothing but a onesie, of sorts. While we'd love to say only fantastic things about Mrs. Beckham, we do believe this cover falls short in a few places, starting with the fact that she seems to only have four fingers on her left hand. Yikes. {Vanity Fair Italy}


  1. Lovely picture, but I admit that the lack of index finger is not the most flattering part of it :)

  2. Don't think her finger is missing, it looks like its bent under her hand...

  3. uh. its clearly bent back and is touching her neck.