So Anna Dello Russo's only happy when she's wearing $50,000 or more, eh?

posted on: Friday, 11 October 2013

If we ever wondered why people outside the fashion industry look at those within this strange world of fashion with questionable looks, here's the best example I've seen in a while. Moda Operandi have asked figures in fashion to tell a tale of  "the one that got away." Karlie Kloss, Poppy Delevingne, Caroline Issa and many more answered the call and contributed their tale. Most are charming, endearing in fact. However, it was the video of Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia that brought us to write about these little ditties as a whole, as we were so taken aback by their choice of shares.

It turns out Anna Dello Russo has never let a dress get away, ever. She tells us boys have, but never clothes. And it seems the woman's only happy when she's wearing an outfit that totals at least $50,000. Yes, that's the part where the non-industry people go, "sorry, what's wrong with this picture." Actually, I'm a part of this industry and I'm saying that.

Here's the bottom line folks. I know people who have stepped out wearing an outfit that cost no more than $50 head to toe, and they've looked classier and more inventive with their definition of style than any of these editors we see teetering around fashion week. Style is a state of mind, not the number of zeros on a purchase. Watch this video and take it at face value. Laugh and be happy you can feel happy in yourself without having to drop $50k. 


  1. I think she was joking thats how I toke it..would not be too serious about it...anyway keeps the economy going!!

  2. I'm italian I live in Milan and I assure you the street is the best way the designers take thier idea, new outfits can buy chip and wear very well and have lots of money and wear very bad because taste does not come from money. This said let me spend a word on what she said: she never never buy something she uses to receive everything as a present: lots of dresses, shoes, bags so she can say that...very easy, thanks! But please also consider the level of her culture...Alice