Autumn in Paris: Snapshots from the city

posted on: Friday, 18 October 2013

While this may be my final post from Paris for October, never fear as I'm headed back to the beautiful city three times in November for various trips. The love affair with Paris continues. However, on my most recent trip out with NEXT, I snapped a few random shots I felt I just had to share. There is something so magical about this city. The camera only captures about one tenth of the drama and beauty that is seen on every street corner, with nearly every Parisian and captured in the most unexpected lights. Enjoy your look at autumn in Paris...


  1. Beautiful shots! There in a week. Hurrah!

    Emma xx

  2. Great photos! Paris is always magical! <3

  3. Oh how I dream of one day going to Paris! Every picture I see makes me want to go more!!