The Daily Boomer: Dock walking

posted on: Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Boomer has now been on the island for nearly two weeks and we've been very careful to keep him on dry land. As he hasn't had all the required shots for a young one just yet, some spots are off limits to keep him healthy for the time being. 

For those of you familiar with the Golden Retriever breed, you'll know these guys are obsessed with water. Every golden we've ever owned has taken more pleasure from jumping into the water than anything else in life. So an introduction to an ocean on your doorstep is a tough way forward for this newbie and a temptation that will soon prove to be too powerful to walk away from. So for now, it's baby steps with Boomer. 

Boomer's first steps on the dock were in actuality not steps at all. He was carried for fear he would jump straight into the water off the dock, which is not the ideal scenario for a ten week old pup. 

I do believe the above picture says it all in capturing his initial reaction. He wriggled this way and that to try and break free from my arms. This little guy is a water dog. Now he just has to wait two more weeks before we test out his swimming legs!

More to come tomorrow on The Daily Boomer...


  1. Boomer is just so precious!!! so cute with that smile! i wanna hug him!

    1. Honestly wish it was possible to send virtual Boomer hugs. The world would be a better place!

  2. We now have a list of dog names for the dog we have yet to even find... this was started by Boomer and his utter cuteness! You've really captured him so well in the photos too, what a little character. We were thinking of calling our virtual dog 'Bono' ..well he will be a cool Dubliner after all ;-)

  3. Could you please make a video???


  4. Oh yes, they do love water. I suppose mud can be classified as water, too, and our Golden, Edison, certainly loves it;-) I don't know if Boomer will have access to muddy puddles where he lives, but if he does, I'm looking forward to pics of him, looking soggy and no longer golden;-)