Boomer meets the Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag

posted on: Thursday, 29 August 2013

Welcoming a puppy into your life is never easy. Sure it’s full of fluff and cuteness overloads, but there are moments when you question your patience levels and then there are moments when you wonder if the choice of puppy was the right one. And, of course, you question whether the puppy is happy with the home in which he has been placed. Then there are seconds of clarity when you know the puppy match up is perfect. I’ve had several of these over the past few weeks, but when it comes to this puppy and my profession, Boomer made it clear we were a match made in heaven this week when he met the Ralph Lauren soft Ricky bag.

The month before meeting Boomer for the first time, I was pretty sure nothing could match my Ralph Lauren Ricky as a chosen accessory. The amount of compliments I was getting on that bag were insane. However, it seems there is something that can top a brilliant design from Ralph Lauren. For those of you that know me well, you know that there’s next to nothing that tops Ralph Lauren. Well, RL, Boomer has trumped you. Just the nature of the game I suppose. Puppies are irresistible. That being said, so is a buttery soft Ralph Lauren bag. But what makes this perfect is Boomer’s own obsession with the Ralph Lauren Ricky.

Besides wanting to ride around in Ricky, Boomer decided he also wanted to carry the bag for himself. Of course with puppy teeth, the soft Ricky wasn’t too excited about such an adventure. So there ended the Boomer/Ricky accessory takeover. It was a short match made in heaven that ended with an overprotective mother, of both Boomer and the bag, separating the two.

This all being said, I can’t think of a better campaign for a Ralph Lauren soft Ricky than a beautiful golden retriever sitting comfortably within the leather lined satchel.  Perhaps something to consider? Boomer is available for hire should Ralph Lauren wish to send a private jet for collection. He’s very good in front of the camera… 


  1. You need to get Boomer an agent fast!

    1. Haha! The little guy does love the camera ;)

  2. Amazing bag. Almost feel inclined to get it because it's similar to my surname. Or not... X

  3. This little guy has a very very good taste, like his "mummy". I hope we could see Boomer's pictures soon. I really like your way to love him. It has so much love in yours pictures . Have a nice day.

  4. You should definitely send this picture to the Ralph Lauren's marketing dept. Your puppy is so cute. :)

  5. just love your way of blogging and specially your unique style of showing puppy in Trendy looking bag.. looks unique