Bentley launching handbag collection, yes the car company!

posted on: Monday, 12 August 2013

For those of you thinking that Bentley's are for boys, think again. First of all, women drive their cars too. But, that's neither here nor there with this latest news, as now every woman can have a Bentley at a fraction of the price. Only you won't be driving said Bentley, you'll be wearing it from the crook of your arm. Well, that is if you have a spare $7,000. 

Yes, the Bentley bags follow in the footsteps of the massive vehicles in coming with enormous price tags. We suppose they believe they'd like to keep the same clientele so are keeping this at a very premium price level. 

There are two styles that will be released next week at Concours d’Elegance. Will you be buying? 

Read more on the new project on WWD


  1. Doesn't it sounds little funny, that big companies are trying to get involved in every business ever known. What would you say when you hear "Ranbaxy" (a drugs/medicines company) is launching his car models. I'd Say a Pack of tablets is going on the roads! The design on the top is looking good, no doubt. But sounds really funny instead. No offense but it is funny.