Tour Tamara Mellon's Closet: 31 black jumpsuits, endless rows of shoes and much, much more...

posted on: Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tamara Mellon's closet is a well oiled machine. In fact, it might just be the most well organised space we've encountered to date. From neatly stacked clutches to row after row of shoes, this is a space that has not only had a lot of thought but also a lot of cash thrown behind it. We don't even want to start doing the math but we'd easily guess Tamara Mellon's wardrobe is breaking seven figures. 

Tamara's dresses are colour coded for easy access, her "decade" is the 1970's and she's officially sunglasses obsessed. Find out more on the tour of Tamara Mellon's closet...


  1. Literal perfection! I too am jumpsuit obsessed!

  2. That's so amazing!So many shoes and dresses!I envy you very much.I hope I will get them in the future.