Snooki: No Makeup vs. Makeup

posted on: Friday, 20 January 2012

Yesterday, Twitter was alive with responses to Snooki tweeting a picture of herself without a lick of makeup. The pictures truly speak for themselves. Snooki is one gorgeous creature when she leaves the eye shadow and liner behind! Who knew the hidden beneath that warpaint there was such an innocent and beautiful young girl. Snooki, our vote goes for leaving the made-up behind and embracing your natural beauty!


  1. Sooo much better sans makeup.

  2. Found a link to here on Twitter and am probably going to be controversial here, but what you say seems to imply that this girl (whom I don't know anyway) puts on makeup to make herself pretty and hide a natural ugly face. Why couldn't she simply chose the way she wants to project her face to the world? It doesn't mean she is or thinks she is ugly without makeup!! That we like or dislike the amount of makeup she wears is our problem, not hers, nobody should have a say at deciding how much she should or should now ear.

  3. Younger and more elegant without.. Of course!