Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2012

posted on: Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Victoria Beckham is one designer that is getting stronger and stronger with each season that is released. This is a collection that finds its strength in figure hugging dresses, structured overcoats and swoon worthy accessories. It's not just a look, it's an entire lifestyle and one which celebrities are eating up these days. You'll be hard pressed to find an event that doesn't have some gorgeous woman swanning about in a Beckham dress! I went to check out the Spring Summer 2012 collection in London last week and the newest threads, treads and accessories certainly lived up to expectations. Here's a first look...


  1. Looks super sleek. Put on my fairytale if I win the lottery wishlist

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos, god she has really turned it up with this collection, it's so well done, you have to stand up, and pay attention.