Saturday, 19 November 2011

Joe Zee thinks Kim Kardashian doesn't do anything?

Hmmmm. So we'll clearly never see Kim Kardashian on the cover of Elle as long as Joe Zee is running things. However,  we do think this quote must be taken out of context and here's why. Anyone that compares Lauren Conrad with Kim Karadashian will know they are one in the same. They are both products of reality television culture and they both more or less "do" the same thing. However, one would think that Kim Kardashian actually does have a lot more "on" at the moment as there isn't a day that goes by when the Kardashian Klan aren't launching something new somewhere in the world.

Joe Zee is one guy that definitely has his finger on the pulse so we can't imagine he would make an uneducated statement such as the one above. But hey, you never know right?


  1. Maybe what he's trying to say is that although Kim and Lauren are one and the same, Lauren actually has poise. Lauren Conrad has never attached herself to the hip of the likes of Paris Hilton to get into the spotlight. She's never made a sex tape and she never had a public marriage or divorce and she doesn't have a family who consistently brings themselves into tabloid fodder. When it comes down to it, I would rather read about Lauren any day. Kim and her family try way too's just tiring. Enough is enough when it comes to the Kardashians for me and it's quite apparent a lot of people are feeling that way. Joe Zee knows his stuff, out of context or not, he clearly knows that Kim isn't going to be selling magazines.

  2. Very well said and valid points made.

  3. I'm thinking that Joe Zee is trying to say Elle isn't a tabloid. Kim Kardashian is tabloid fodder. Lauren actually has things going on with her beauty/fashion blog as well as her two clothing lines. While Kim has a lot going on, none of it is fashion based, it's more for the Life and Style crowd and not the Elle crowd. I think he is right. Have you seen the quality of the "clothes" they "design". Joe Zee is fashion and unfortunately for Kim she may dress in designer clothes, but she's not fashion.

  4. Ha ha, maybe he was just diplomatically try to say he doesn't give a shit about her!

  5. - I think you are 100% correct although he could have chosen a better person to draw a comparison with.

    @beautynthechic- Agree with you completely. However, if anyone has ever seen the quality of the clothes Lauren Conrad is producing at Kohl's I think you would find they aren't too far off from what Kim has done with Bebe or Sears. Not saying this in defense of Kim in the slightest. I@m just saying that Joe perhaps could have used a better comparison in the reality world as an example of someone that is actually doing something.

  6. Did he say this in answer to a question about reality stars on covers? Because then the Lauren comparison makes sense. I think the biggest difference between the two is that Lauren's shows always showed her "working" (even if it was totally staged) whereas although Kim has her brands and perfumes etc she still comes across as the sort of person who doesn't really do anything.

    Also Lauren has that very wholesome good-girl Jennifer Aniston vibe to her, which clearly appeals to a lot of people.


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