Returning to Old Spitalfields Market... To EAT!

posted on: Thursday, 8 December 2016

Eating at Old Spitalfields Market
We've covered the shopping side of Old Spitalfields Market, but I've left my favorite part of this London neighbourhood aside for a special mention, as it so rightfully deserves. Any great part of London is mainly great because of its foodie corners, in my opinion, and Old Spitalfields Market has plenty to discover from entrance to exit. It will overwhelm you, but in the most delightful way. You will stand there and wish the universe had provided you with a bigger stomach. The food trucks, the tucked away restaurants, the epic neon lights pointing out everything from burgers to salads and beyond, will all make you feel as if you've entered a true foodie's paradise. 

FFG's 12 days of Christmas Giveaway Day 8

New day, new giveaway! We're eight days in and today we're working with Cambridge Satchel Company. This beauty you see above, the metallic magnetic closure mini satchel, is one of my favorite accessories at the moment. The new easy closure and the great metallic colour make this the ideal cross body for the style gurus amongst us! And, well, I really want to make sure that one goes to a good home this holiday season ;)

Style Update: Six Sweater Solutions for The Holidays

posted on: Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Marks & Spencer Jumper
Feeling the chill in the air yet, in your neck of the woods? It's officially landed here in London and I'm now on the hunt for the best sweaters the high street has to offer. And I gotta tell ya, folks, Marks & Spencer just so happen to be killing it in this arena for autumn winter. Their latest selection is, naturally, the catalyst for this particular post. I went into store to try on a dress I had seen online and ended up heading to the fitting room with not one dress, but one dress and 14 sweaters. 14! 

FFG's 12 days go Christmas Giveaway Day Seven

We are now officially over the halfway point, people! That means we've had six winners and there are six more to go and the prizes are only getting better. Today, we're working with Joules, who are most kindly giving you an opportunity to have a little shopping spree for some serious winter classics. You can stock up on everything from floral wellies to tweed jackets. Let's just say your winter walking wardrobe is sorted.