Style Update: The Power of Summer Pink

posted on: Monday, 18 June 2018

It's all gone bohemian on FFG today. This pink/red/green dress was something I picked up off the rack with festival season in mind. Is it wrong that I immediately thought of matching it to green Hunter wellies? I've lived through too many UK summer music festivals! Anywho, it seems to work just as well in day to day summer life as it does for future festivals as I threw it on this morning with the summer sun in mind. It's airy fairy and perfect for a muggy day like today. This weather in London is just too good to be true. In my 16 summers here in the big smoke I've never seen anything like it! Long may it continue... although I may need to start shopping for a few more dresses to fill up the long warm weather days! 

California Diaries: Crystal Cove

posted on: Sunday, 17 June 2018

{Written in collaboration with Visit California and Air New Zealand}

This is the story of discovering one of the most magical bits of California coastline known as Crystal Cove... The last day of my California adventure was by far my most emotional. Of course I was already feeling "feelings" as I had less than 20 hours left on the ground in one of my favourite places on this big old planet. But, add to that the fact that I was discovering a completely new part of this state that left me with my jaw on the floor, and I found myself not ready to go home at all. There's so much more to see here and I've only ever just scratched the surface. Crystal Cove cottages, however, truly left me with a lump in my throat. If you have never seen this part of the world before, get ready for an incredible eye opener! However, I'll give the game away a bit here and tell you if you've ever seen the Bette Midler movie Beaches, you will know this beach very well indeed! 

Style Update: The Striped Separates set you need in your life right now!

posted on: Saturday, 16 June 2018

For those of us that are obsessed with stripes, and I know there are a few of us, you need to know about this little set immediately. Well, it's not a little set, but you know what I mean. It's actually an epic set that will pretty much see you through your entire summer with 3,000 ways to wear, together, apart, with accessories and more. Trust me when I say this will be the smartest pair of separates you add to your wardrobe this summer. I wore mine out together for a stroll in the park, with the top tied and the skirt shielding the belly area from the general public. I mean this isn't an area of me that's as flattering as it was when I was once a teenager.... so it's all about edgy modesty. Is that even a thing? Regardless, get involved! 

California Diaries: Up on Pelican Hill and down on Newport Beach

posted on: Thursday, 14 June 2018

{Written in collaboration with Visit California and Air New Zealand}

They say leave the best for last, and I must admit, my trip to California concluded with a destination that's completely new to me and one that left me wanting another week to explore. This was my first visit to Newport Beach, but it wasn't my first look at the famous location. Of course many will be familiar with the area because of the famous show The OC, or the countless reality shows that have been filmed here. It's the playground for the rich and famous and it's not hard to see why this slice of heaven is where some of the world's wealthiest choose to put down their roots. Newport Beach has the small town feel we all love to envision when it comes to living the American dream. People smile, wave hello and say good morning as you pass. The locally run shops and restaurants are all filled with employees that are genuine and happy, because how could you not be when it's 75 degrees out, sunny and the water is a few feet from where you work. And there are a plethora of eateries, bars, luxury goods stores and more to keep the locals and tourists entertained on any given night of the week. Of course, it's hard to imagine anyone living in Newport Beach without a yacht, after touring the area and seeing more boats than people over the course of my stay, so needless to say a great deal of the local entertainment is water location based. If you don't own a yacht, chances are you'll be friends with someone that does. I'm still working on that. 48 hours in town wasn't' long enough to cozy up to someone and claim yacht visiting rights. But I digress, let's start this journey with where I laid my head from start to finish.... at Pelican Hill Resort