Southern Comfort: The perfect coastal table setting for a Lowcountry sunset dinner

posted on: Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Southern Comfort: The perfect coastal table setting for a Lowcountry sunset dinner
Southern Comfort: The perfect coastal table setting for a Lowcountry sunset dinner
Growing up a Southerner, there were two things I learned to be essential in life: butter (thank you Paula Dean) and entertaining. I swear something as simple as inviting a friend over for iced tea is an event. There is nothing here that is done in half measure, ever. Kindness and heart are behind everything, especially entertaining. And the butter, well, we all know it's basically the elixir of life, and heart attacks, unfortunately. I thought it about time I shared with you a little taste of my southern entertaining, as I'm always talking about porch living and the charm of the south. This is a coastal table setting for four that comes with one of my favorite views of our little slice of heaven on the island. See why it is I'm always too happy to say goodbye to London for a quick trip home? 

Home Decor Discovery: Adults, shop the teen!

posted on: Monday, 27 February 2017

Home Decor inspiration
I swear to you I've walked past this store a thousand times, while living in the USA, and never once thought about going in to see if there might be something fabulous on offer for the home. And then one day I decide to give it a go and I'm smacking myself over the potential bargains I've missed in decorating my various flats over the past decade and a half.

The best commercials from the 2017 Oscars (Super Bowl had nothing on this display...)

The best commercials from the 2017 Oscars
If you went to bed early last night you missed one of the most epic mistakes made ever in Oscars history. A total Steve Harvey moment played out, which you will be reading about everywhere this morning, so we won't bore you with that news here (oh ok, LA LA Land was named Best Picture but it turned out to be a mistake and Moonlighting was announced as the winner midway through the acceptance speeches. Embarrassing). Now, moving past all of that, let's talk about the real winners on the night - the 2017 Oscars Commercials. And yes, they were the best, perhaps of all time. These ads put the Super Bowl to shame, terribly. So the award for the best 2017 Academy Awards Commercial goes to.. alright, it has to be shared a bit as there are actually six stand out hits.

Style Update: Striped Coastal Perfection

posted on: Sunday, 26 February 2017

I'm not sure what we did to deserve this beautiful weather on the coast of South Carolina, but I'm not complaining. Although, I am feeling a bit guilty sharing all these gorgeous pictures of sunny beautiful weather as I get videos from home in London of gale force winds! Apologies in advance. This might sting a little.