Thursday, 21 August 2014

7 minutes of a 7-year-old reading Elle will be the best 7 minutes of your day

This is the only video you need to watch today, fashion obsessed people. My good friend Mademoiselle Robot has shared a special moment with her 7-year-old daughter that will forever change the way you look at your September issues. While most of us are flipping through the magazines this month in search of style inspiration, Mini Robot offers a fresh perspective. From questioning why women are wearing no pants in the ads, to explaining how she can tell that arms are human arms vs. zombie arms, this little lady will most definitely bring a smile to your face. Watch and enjoy! Thank you, Mini and Mademoiselle Robot, for a most fantastic giggle today. 

Outfit du Jour: Topshop stripes and biker jeans

outfit du jour

Creepy: This video shows us that sunscreen creates a visible barrier between your skin and the sun

The power of sunscreen

For those of you that ever doubted the power of sunscreen, this is a video for you. While we're all out in the sun this summer trying to soak up as much of a tan as possible, let this video stick firmly in the back of your mind. DO NOT go out in the sun without some sort of protection. It's like announcing to the sun, "I'm here and I'd like for you to age me, please." Seriously, this video is creepy. Just plain creepy and good at sending a very clear message. 

Georgia May Jagger covers W Korea September 2014

Georgia May Jagger W Korea

Georgia May Jagger is a September cover star, in Korea. Dressed in a Celine sweater dress and sporting some seriously fabulous bedhead, Jagger is a girl amongst the sheets for W Korea September 2014. This is styling at its most simple. And frankly speaking, no one does simple style better than Celine. Beautiful. 
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