Style Update: The Notting Hill Colour Wall

posted on: Friday, 28 October 2016

Notting Hill Colour Wall
Notting Hill Colour Wall
I have this love affair going on with this particular wall. I can't walk past it, to get coffee, without stopping and taking some sort of picture. Pretty sure I'm averaging two shoots a year here, but then again so is everyone else. This wall has become prime real estate in the neighbourhood. If Kate Hudson isn't there, some other celeb will be. If it isn't occupied by school girls having fun with selfies, it's being used as a shoot location for a local accessories company. Basically, I'm saying this is "The Wall" if you are looking for colour in Notting Hill. There's no denying it. And so, yes, I'm playing into the pack. But I like to think Mademoiselle Robot I am starting shooting our selfies here long before the masses. Time to hunt for something new. For now, however, I'm turning the colour wheel once again. 

Style Update: Fringing from chambray to suede

posted on: Wednesday, 26 October 2016

There I was, just minding my own business and picking up a present for a friend when I spotted a most unlikely love, a dress I'd never in a million years suspect myself loving. Full disclosure here, my first thoughts when I saw this dress were of Little House on the Prairie. Remember Laura Ingall and the pinafore dresses she used to wear? For some reason, that's where my mind went and where my mind goes my Amex follows. The dress came home with me and the rest is history. It's part of my layering squad now for the winter months. But, just before the cold winds blow, here's how I wear it in the last days of warmth. 

Yes, I went on a cruise and loved it: Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey

posted on: Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
It's so hard to admit when you are wrong, in any situation. But, when you have to eat crow, you might as well do it while sipping champagne and ordering another tray of caviar to your room as you pass by the rocky hills of a Grecian coastline. Alright, maybe admitting I'm wrong isn't so hard after all. And, ladies and gents, I was wrong, oh so wrong, about the idea of cruises. And Seabourn Luxury Cruises have shown me the error of my ways. Yes, they were the ones serving the champagne and caviar to wash away my completely ridiculous preconceived notions about the idea of spending a week at sea.

Style Update: Swinging Leopard with Uncle Karl

posted on: Monday, 24 October 2016

Loving me a bit of leopard today, as you can tell. What I'm not loving is that I paid full price for this skirt and naturally it's now on sale for 39.99. Ugh! Why is it that the things I buy full price always go on sale and the things I wait to go on sale always sell out before having the chance to be marked down? Ok, I promise the moan is over. Now onto Uncle Karl.