Style Update: Faux Fur with Fish'n'Chips

posted on: Friday, 17 November 2017

This jacket you guys... I mean... THIS JACKET! And to think I might have missed this. That's the thing about online shopping, you gotta keep an eye out. You have to be in it to win it and first online to grab it. So I'm giving you a bit of a heads up. This jacket just went online today. It's in stock, in every size, it's just about as beautiful as you can get and it's under £100. Do I really need to say more? Go forth and grab. I'll also mention it's another QVC find. I feel like I'm uncovering the Holy Grail here, people. Just call me The Shopping Editor. Man oh man, why didn't I name my blog that from the get go?

Style Update: Proving florals are forever in fashion

posted on: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

I feel like I'm preaching the launch of summer into winter these days. I led with winter white, featuring bright white jeans... sacrilege, darling! And now I'm claiming that florals aren't just "groundbreaking" for spring. Winter florals are actually so much more fun, and truly the easiest thing ever to style. If you're lucky enough to find a floral dress with sleeves (loving this one), you can wear with some Uniqlo heat tech and you're ready to go. Just pull on your boots and you're out the door. If you're working with a sleeveless floral dress, just pile on a massive cardigan to give you warmth. Whatever you do, don't throw the florals in storage until the summer sun returns. Wardrobes these days are for all season wear. We just need to be creative in our approach, ladies. 

Christmas in London: Ralph Lauren's gone to the bears

We interrupt the normal style broadcast to bring you a different sort of fashion statement. Ralph Lauren, this holiday season, are filling the population of London with some teddy bear cheer. Yes, in the windows of the Ralph Lauren London Flagship store, you will find bears, dressed like bears have never dressed before.

Style Update: Knit from head to toe

posted on: Tuesday, 14 November 2017

All week I've been hearing people complain, here, there and everywhere, about the weather and the need to wear heavy clothing. Come on! How can you not love that we are in a season where oversized comfy clothes are totally fashionable? You can practically wear your duvet out of the house in the morning and you'd probably be saluted for being a trendsetter. In fact, I bet someone would ask you if it's a new designer they haven't yet heard of. Go on, give it a go, with a great statement boot and a big old belt. My point is this: sweater weather is the best weather. Well, it's my best weather anyway, and my knit closet is currently exploding, partially out of excitement and also because I own more sweaters than any one person should admit to in a lifetime. So, apologies in advance if you see a great many knits popping up on FFG over the coming months. I'm embracing the season and I'm doing it today in head to toe knitwear and feeling fabulous!