Thursday, 24 April 2014

Be a part of the Fashion Revolution today #insideout

If you are on social media, whether it's Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, take part in an important initiative online today. It's exactly on year ago today that 1133 people were killed and 2500 injured when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh. Today, the fashion industry is asking you to wear your clothes inside out and share an image using the hashtag #insideout to support the cause. It's all about awareness and this initiative is put into place to make you think about where you clothes are coming from, how they are made and the social responsibility we all have as human beings in supporting a healthy and safe environment for those in the industry. Be a part of the change.

We'd like to thank Eileen Fisher for bringing this whole activity to our attention. When the industry talks about brands that are making a change when it comes to the ethics behind production, this brand has been a clear leader in the field. 

You'll see above, this is my contribution to the day, wearing my Eileen Fisher Denim shirt inside out in support of a Fashion Revolution. Do take part in the day. Tag FFG and we'll retweet. 

Links for more information: Fashion Revolution - Eileen Fisher

Is this Olivia Palermo's Wedding Dress?

Back in January, the world got their first look at Olivia Palermo's engagement thanks to her boyfriend's instagram. In an almost music video-like arrangement of scenes, we saw Palermo frolicking through the trees of a tropical resort displaying her newly acquired bling. Now we have an update on the wedding scenario via Brides Magazine. Palermo is the cover model for the June/July 2014 issue and she's showing off some absolutely stunning options for the big day. Rumour has it she also gives away a few choice details in the interview found within. You can bet your bottom dollar we'll be picking this one up off the shelves. {Brides}

Lupita Nyong'o scores the coveted cover of People's Most Beautiful for 2014

People's Most Beautiful's list for 2014

We're smiling from ear to ear today as People's Most Beautiful's list for 2014 has been released and one of our favourite actresses for the year graces the cover as the star. Lupita Nyong'o's stunning smile leads People's 50 Most Beautiful's cover.  Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski at the Plaza Hotel in New York, Lupita wears a delightful summer ensemble of peach and pink, accompanied by her trademark larger than life smile. This title is one that is certainly well deserved.

Other celebrities noted in People's Most Beautiful include Keri Russell, Mindy Kaling (hello, beyond excited about this), Kerry Washington, Molly Sims and many more. 

Rose Byrne covers Elle Australia May 2014 in Burberry

Rose Byrne graces the cover of Elle Australia this month. For the May 2014 cover, Rose wears the bare minimum for bottoms. Seen wearing a pair of lace Burberry briefs, which we believe the brand calls shorts, on the cover with a chunky turtleneck, we can't decide if Rose is ready to battle summer or winter in this ensemble. Either way, we love the daring look, the glossy hair and the absolutely stunning and talented woman stealing all the attention for the month. {Image via Daily Mail}
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