Style Update: The Embroidered Dress

posted on: Friday, 28 April 2017

White Embroidered Dress
I am pulling out all the stops on promoting this beauty today. It's not every item of clothing that can hold its own in front of one of the most beautiful displays of wisteria in London, you know. But, this embroidered dress is up to the challenge and showing up the floral display sprinkled around its glorious pink and green embellishment. 

Style Update: Tropical Paradise on top!

posted on: Thursday, 27 April 2017

Oh wait, is that something colorful? What a surprise! I ran through Zara the other day. Just sort of tripped and fell into the store. You know how that happens. And then this shirt just sort of attached itself to me and made me quickly pay for it. All a great big accident really. Only I'm home and I'm wearing it in the sun and it just makes me the happiest person alive. Crazy how a piece of cloth has the ability to do that, isn't it? 

Style Update: Graphic goodness

posted on: Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Have you had enough colour from me yet? I sure hope not as this summer I am feeling colour and there is so much coming your way that you'll be hallucinating rainbows. That makes no sense at all does it? Let's just leave it that I'm loving colour, shall we? Now, let's talk about colour pairing. For me, I love a loud and proud print with a colour combo that's just as overpowering. It just screams loud and proud to be alive. And when the sun's shining why wouldn't you want to have that sentiment reflected in your clothing? It should also be said that these trousers started a new love affair with a high street brand that you will see, hopefully, featured a lot more on the blog from here on out. Well, that is if they keep their offering as spectacular as it is at present. Only time will tell, but I'll keep you in the loop! 

Style Update: Gingham on gingham

posted on: Tuesday, 25 April 2017

While I will never trade in my double denim, not for all the money in the world, I am loving this new moment with double gingham. Gingham is having a moment, an epic moment. While I can remember wearing gingham pinafore dresses as a child, I would have never predicted it would be a part of my adult life. I'm pretty sure I used to paint over my gingham, thinking it was a canvas for colour as a four year old. Thirty three years later and look where we are now...