Friday, 29 August 2014

FFG Travel Bite: Ice Cream at the Scoop Deck, Wells, Maine

Scoop deck ice cream

When my grandmother was younger, she would refuse to leave the beach without stopping at the Scoop Deck in Wells Maine. The habit seems to have been passed down through the generations as being at the beach house without ice cream is a crime, and one that is severely punishable in my family. So naturally the Scoop Deck was visited a few times during my visit at the beach this summer. Truly, one could visit every day for the warmer months and still not manage to try every flavor at the Scoop Deck in Wells. 

I, myself, am a classic ice cream eater and opt for coffee each time I order at the Scoop Deck. Some nights I go crazy and ask for rainbow sprinkles. Yes, I like to live dangerously. But I have more fun going with people that like to take risks in their ordering. They try flavors like Fool's Gold or Summertime Blues. They let me try their Cake Batter or Apple Crisp Ice Cream. Never ever have I been to the Scoop Deck and seen someone order Vanilla. 

If you are traveling down the Maine Coast, this is one place you simply can't pass by without stopping in. There's always a little bit of line, as this is one of the best ice cream stops in the whole state, so expect to wait a bit. But, once you have a cone resting in your hand with your tongue working overtime to keep the spillage at bay, you will thank me for recommending. The wait is well worth it! 

6 Eldredge Road, Just off Route 1
Wells, Maine, 04090

Scoop Deck Ice Cream
Scoop Deck Ice Cream
Scoop Deck Ice Cream
Scoop Deck Ice Cream
Scoop Deck Ice Cream

Miley Cyrus shares V Magazine cover with stuffed animals

Miley Cyrus Teddy Bear

To be honest, I'm not really sure where to start with the analysis of the latest cover for V Magazine. Starting with the facts is always good, so let's do that. Miley Cyrus is the cover girl for V Magazine Volume 91. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld, Miley Cyrus is seen reclining in a blue fuzzy onesie of sorts, which seems to emphasis the trend for cut-outs at the moment. Let's see, what else... oh, and Miley is sharing her cover moment with stuffed animals. Have I missed anything? There's no way anyone will miss this cover on the newsstands this month. Is it the softer side of Miley? Well, keep in mind it's for V Magazine's Rebel Issue. What an interesting contrast. 

See American Vogue's office in 14 seconds

Vogue office tour

Leave it to Vogue to be one of the first fashion figures to make best use of the new time-lapse video feature on instagram. The American magazine posted a video this afternoon on their instagram account featuring a tour of their offices. In 14 seconds, we go from Vogue's front door, all the way through the offices and back out to reception. It's definitely a whirlwind tour, and sadly we don't have a run in with Anna Wintour. Nonetheless, it's more of Vogue than most people in this world have ever seen before, and, no, The Devil Wears Prada does not count - plus, it was based on their old offices anyway. 

Here you go, folks - 14 seconds in Vogue

Mindy Kaling discovers the magic of a DvF dress

Mindy Kaling Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress

Alright, first and foremost let's get the most important detail out of the way. Season three of The Mindy Project debuts on September 16th. Get out your calendar and mark the date right now, before you read any further. Ok, now that mission one is complete, let's move onto the fashion news element here. Don't worry - no spoilers involved. 

Mindy Kaling took to Instagram this evening to share a fashion moment with the world. If you aren't watching Kaling as a trend leader, you are behind already. Her fashion, both off and on set, is worth noting and imitating. Case in point - her latest share. Mindy is pictured above wearing a wrap dress from Diane von Furstenberg. Seems Mindy was never sold on the designer or wrap dresses for her figure before this moment. Let that be a lesson to us all. DvF is a brand for EVERY woman. Ask any lucky lady who has a wrap dress or two in their closets and they'll tell you that the first purchase was life changing. 

So now that Mindy's all in love with Diane von Furstenberg, does this mean we can expect to see many more wrap dresses in future episodes of The Mindy Project? 
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