Style Update: The little white lace dress

posted on: Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I can remember my grandmother once telling me there were rules when wearing white, all kinds of rules. All I can remember is the word rules. I don't remember exactly what they were, but I remember there was great importance behind each and every detail. I can also remember, at that very moment in conversation, I made a pact with my fashion soul that I would have zero rules when it comes to wearing white. Alright, maybe I do have one and that's not, under any circumstances, to wear white to a wedding unless I'm the bride. For anything else, white is fair game for any of the 365 mornings of the year when I'm faced with choosing an ensemble. 

London Nights: The Rooftop Film Club, Bussey Building

posted on: Monday, 26 June 2017

The weather is already proving to be a scorcher here in London and summer has only just begun. You won't hear me complaining, especially with all of these outdoor events lined up for a big summer in the city. I'm going to give you, now, your first "add to the calendar and book fast" event schedule and it's all to do with rooftops, openair theater spaces and Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz cocktails. Interested? Thought you might be. 

Outfit du Jour: Hydrangea Happy

posted on: Thursday, 22 June 2017

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Style Update: Purple stripes, purple stripes....

posted on: Monday, 19 June 2017

For those of you looking to score your summer wardrobe, you are in for a treat this month as the sales have started and there are some really great finds out there for you. I'll try to keep you guys in the loop as much as possible. You can pretty much expect a load of shopping edits, and I'll produce them as fast as my fingers can churn them out. For now, I'm actually showcasing a sale item that's new to the shelves.