Introducing System Professional: Bad hair does not have to happen to good people

posted on: Thursday, 5 May 2016

system professional wella
system professional wella
Here's my first truth, and it's important I mention this. This time last week I hated my hair - officially. Ok, that's not entirely fair. I didn't hate my actual hair follicles, I just hated myself for lobbing off as many inches as I did back in February. I wanted a change and I went for an epic chop that has left me feeling a little less than fabulous as of late. The cut was amazing, truly it was, but me with short hair is a love affair that really was never meant to last. Or at least this was my thinking last week. Then a little birdie called me into Wella - a haircare company I've been working with for years now and have trusted for just as long. They are responsible for introducing me to the "hair men" in my life and I've enjoyed amazing cuts and colour changes ever since. They also have now introduced me to a product range that has, in a word, "transformed" my relationship with my hair.

Outfit du Jour: Skirt's the issue

posted on: Tuesday, 3 May 2016

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FFG Beauty: Brilliant Dry Shampoo for frequent flyers in a pinch

posted on: Friday, 29 April 2016

Here's the background story. I'd just come in on a red-eye and I was in Heathrow airport awaiting my connecting flight, to another european country, when I happen to catch my reflection while passing through customs. There's no way to sugarcoat this. My hair looked like I'd been dragged through hedge backwards, twice. My connecting flight was for a meeting that wasn't the sort of arrangement that would condone me looking like a red hot mess. So, I had one hour to kill and an agenda to find something to run through the hair that would save the day. The usual suspects were on offer at Boots, but I wasn't feeling a cheap and cheerful solution. Instead, I went in search of a salon at Heathrow. Again no luck. Just as I was getting ready to visit the lounge loos and throw my hair in a chignon, I spotted a could-be lifesaver. 

50 recipes for brunch at home this weekend!

posted on: Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Brunch recipes
Oh, how I love a Bank Holiday weekend. A three day weekend means three opportunities for brunch and in what universe is that a bad thing? Pancakes, french toast, eggs royale or good old fashioned banana bread... I'll take it alll. And, well, on most brunch days it's an "ordering" situation. I DO NOT often take on the "brunch at home" idea, but times they are a' changing'.