FFG Eats: Jeni's Ice Creams in Los Feliz

posted on: Thursday, 30 July 2015

What: Ice cream, made from Ohio grass grazed cream, in flavors only the wisest in ice cream creation could manufacture. All one has to do is take a look at Jeni's social channels to witness her already devote ice cream fanatics in action, who sound off on everything from flavors to the obsession with free toppings and waffle pieces with every scoop. There is a near-religious following for this ice cream company. Everyone will tell you to try the salty caramel or the sweet cream. My favorites are (in no particular order): root beer, milkiest chocolate and Ndali estate vanilla bean. 

A word of warning, if I may. Upon entering Jeni's you will be encouraged to try each and every flavour. Free samples, people! The bright and beautiful decor will have you thinking you're in a safe and happy place where calories don't exist. Go on, indulge. Give in. Let the ice cream take you away into an endless sugar rush. After all, it's all natural. How bad can it be? 

When: Go anytime, or if a scoop shop isn't near you check your local grocery store! Better yet, grab the cookbook to replicate some classic recipes at home!

Where: My first experience was with Jeni's Ice Cream in Los Feliz, Los Angeles - 1954 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90027. Open 11am-11pm.

FFG Eats: Breakfast at Joan's on Third, Los Angeles

posted on: Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Our mothers always told us breakfast was the most important meal of the day, right? Well, that seemed to set something off in me - an obsession with the meal itself. While most would think my obsession starts and stops with French Toast in this arena, well, all I can say is that Instagram tells it's own story when it comes to fascinations with food. Some things just photograph better than others. It's just the way the cookie, or waffle in this case, crumbles. But, taking a step back, I did want to mention a breakfast alternate, in LA, that's both speedy and delicious. It also happens to be a trendy hotspot on the breakfast circuit in this part of the world.

People in the know can predict the words I am about to write: Joan's on Third. It's a breakfast legend. You not only come here to eat delicious food, you come here to hobnob and brunch. It's an institution. As you might expect, it's on Third Street. There's seating indoors and out, but you go indoors to order at the counter. I mention this because half of the charm of Joan's is found indoors. So, even if you want to eat out, one is forced to step into the wonderful world of Joan. This is a beautiful setup, from shelves to sweet treats. Sadly, no pictures are allowed inside. So park your instagramming dreams at the door. 

Now, onto that culinary obsession and a breakfast sandwich to die for. Order the New York Breakfast Sandwich at Joan's on Third. It's the perfect fit for any breakfast go-er, whether you are on the run or sitting down with mates for a chit-chat. It also has all you need for a well balanced breakfast bake - eggs, bacon, cheese and bread. Done and done! For those with a sweet tooth, the french toast will satisfy, or a morning bun (double yum). 

In short, breakfast at Joan's on Third is eating like a local in Los Angeles. Put it on the places to go list, ASAP. 

8350 West Third Street, LA 90048
Phone: 323.655.2285
Open: Monday - Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 8am-7pm