Flying Beauty: The moisturiser every frequent flyer needs now!

posted on: Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ladies and gents, I have just come off a 20 hour travel day and I have to tell you that I was expecting to look like I'd just been dragged through a hedge backwards. Instead, the selfie you see above is me aboard the Gatwick Express, at the end of the journey, with zero makeup (apart from mascara) and one hell of a beauty tip to pass over to you right now. In fact, I can't believe I'm still awake to write this. So do pardon me if there are any run-on sentences or typos. I want to introduce you to the moisturiser every traveller must have in their carry on luggage. This is no joke, it's the real deal. This is Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Night Cream

What I wore: Fort Lauderdale

posted on: Friday, 11 August 2017

Get ready as FFG is about to be taken over with a look in on a tropical destination that needs to be on your radar, and one which I am ashamed to say I am discovering for the first time. This is Fort Lauderdale, people, and it's a spot on the map that needs to be on your vacation radar. While I get to work on putting together the ultimate guide on everything from where to stay to what to eat, I thought I'd first introduce a fashion element: what I wore in Fort Lauderdale

Postcards from Lake Como: A mini getaway at Castadiva Resort & Spa

posted on: Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Lake Como.... where to start. Perhaps I'll start with the most common turn of phrase used when anyone at a dinner party mentions this Italian getaway. If someone's isn't immediately referring to this part of the world as "heaven on earth," there will most certainly be someone else close by declaring it the true definition of paradise. To see Lake Como and experience the food, the culture and the people, is like nothing you will have ever done before. Ok, I see that at this point it may be easy for you to claim I am being "dramatic." Ask someone else, anyone else, that's been to Lake Como, what their thoughts are on the destination. If they disagree with me, I'll eat my Italian silk scarf. How's that for confidence on this dream vacation spot?

Shopping Edit: 16 Pairs of Statement Earrings you need NOW!

posted on: Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I have always believed the easiest way to dress up any ensemble is to throw on a killer pair of earrings. Even a t-shirt and jeans become almost formal wear if you put on a pair of earrings that  brings the glitz and glamour. So, for those of you looking for easy wardrobe updates, earrings can be your best friend. This season the fashion gods are giving us plenty to work with to decorate the lobes. From Mango to Topshop, I've selected the best statement earrings under £100, most under £50 and some under £20. All ship globally, so there are no excuses if you fall in love and want a pair sent ASAP. My personal favs and the ones I ordered right away were the lavender Topshop beaded pair! Heaven on earth. Now, all you have to do is hover over the image above and handy icons with links will pop up for you!