Style Update: The Sequin Skirt every woman needs in her closet this Christmas

posted on: Friday, 15 December 2017

By this point in our relationship together you must know I'm partial to a bit of sparkle. But, at the ripe old age of 37, there is nothing that annoys me more than only finding sequin sparkles on mini skirts. Just putting that out there. I love a mini like anyone else, but I don't wear them as often as I used to. Let's just say the birth of cellulite in my early thirties changed that whole tide for me quite quickly. Anywho, as I was swanning through Marks & Spencer's the other day, I tripped upon this sequin skirt. I know, I swan through M&S a lot these days. And I seem to just "trip" upon things all the time. But, this particular skirt left me dead in my tracks. It's enough sparkle for every age, it's a very sophisticated length, but hugs the curves and comes with a little slit up the side for that extra ounce of fun. What's not to love? Then there's the orange sweater. But, at the risk of this turning into a full on love letter to all things, M&S, I'll get right to the point...

Hair tales: The four essential tools for healthy long hair growth

posted on: Thursday, 14 December 2017

Over the course of the past year, I have had a bit of a hair revolution. I cut off all of my hair at the start of 2015, and have worked diligently to grow it out ever since! Little did I know the lengths (no pun intended) I would have to go to in order to grow long and healthy hair again. In years' past, I've really only invested in my skincare, heavily. I've, maybe mistakenly, thought that your skin is the first place you show age. As I approach 38, I have to hold my hands up and say that skincare's important, but your hair is MORE important. Skin you can always fiddle with and repair. You know what I mean. If need be, you can seek out the assistance of a plastic surgeon or someone good with injectables. I am not against these methods, by any means, and will most likely fully embrace them when the time comes. Hair, on the other hand, is almost impossible to repair once you've lost it. Sure, there are extensive surgeries, which are painful, usually have an incredible down time and require a lot of money. But, if you can do something to prevent those measures in the long run why wouldn't you? The thing is, they are so simple. Of course there is some time and money that needs to be invested, but it's less than you are going to spend on serums, creams and makeup for your face on a yearly basis. For the New Year ahead, may I recommend you start your hair revolution by simply replacing four items in your day to day hair tool kit? This is not just for those of you that looking to grow your hair out. These are four items that are going to change every woman's hair happiness. I guarantee it. These are the tools I have changed in the past year and my hair is shinier, bouncier, softer and generally just easier to manage.  It's also growing at an epic rate and looks better than it ever has. So without further ado...

Here are the four items you should buy YOURSELF for Christmas this year. Your hair will thank you! 

Outlet Shopping in Italy: The luxury experience and Creative Spot at Fidenza Village

posted on: Wednesday, 13 December 2017

For years I have sworn by Bicester Village in England as my not-so-secret designer go-to for insane deals and, quite frankly, just a lovely day out of London town. I've heard that other such pockets of luxury exist around the world, but have never had the chance, or time, to visit. Well, that is until now. Last month I had the great pleasure in visiting Fidenza Village, just outside Milan, for the opening of The Creative Spot - a pop up fashion boutique, open until the end of December, that celebrates the incredible talents of 18 international fashion designers. On the big day, over 250 guests, including ethical fashion godmother Livia Firth, filled the village to celebrate the arrival of the innovative fashion platform. The Creative Spot displayed the new and upcoming talents that are circling the globe and offered up a very realistic glance at our fashion future. It also had me hiding my Amex for fear of bankrupting myself before Christmas. This is truly the place to visit if you are searching for a one of a kind gift for your fashionista (or fashionista self) this Christmas. While the shopping at The Creative Spot is only open for a few more weeks, Fidenza Village itself is a mainstay. And you can bet your Celine bag I went around searching for more bargains to be had throughout the village.

Style Update: Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...

posted on: Monday, 11 December 2017

I honestly can't remember the last time we had a proper snow in London. It's been a while, there's no doubt about that. We used to get great big snows that would leave you with at least six inches on the ground (I can feel my fellow New Englanders laughing at me as I refer to that as a "great big snow"). The city of London would of course come to a screeching halt as this city can't cope with anything more than a single flurry falling from the sky. The headlines would read "stranded travellers," "city loses millions because of weather shut down," and so forth and so on. But, I would always be sitting in my window, smiling like a cheshire cat, with a cup of steaming tea in hand and boots and hat at the ready by the door. I'd wait for just enough to fall that it felt like an actual winter wonderland. London is magical in the snow. It's everything you could imagine from days of old, come to life in 2017. You half expect to see horses and buggies parading through the streets. So yes, it's terrible that the city can't cope with such weather, but I have always believed it was the universe's way of telling the city as a whole to take a snow day holiday for the wild chaos that is this amazing place on a daily basis.