Paradise found at Pine Cliffs in Portugal

posted on: Saturday, 17 February 2018

Pine Cliffs, Portugal
Pine Cliffs, Portugal
When I was little, the sailing instructor at a summer camp, that my grandmother owned and ran, was a Brit abroad. This young chap taught all of us how to navigate a sunfish, all the while entertaining us with stories of living in Europe. He did this with an accent that seemed wildly exotic, at least to a bunch of 13 year olds girls from across the Northeastern states of America. He also regularly spoke of a coastline of unparalleled beauty, one on which he walked with his family as a child. He would tell, what seemed like, tall tales of jagged cliffs and dusky pink skies. He was speaking of Portugal and to us, as teenagers, it might as well have been Mars. Only finally, at the age of 37, I got my chance to walk on the beach, beneath the tall cliffs during a pastel coloured sunset, and I felt as if I was always destined to have this moment, 24 years in the making. However, this wasn't just any Portuguese adventure. This was a getaway to the one and only Pine Cliffs Resort along the coast of The Algarve

The Luxury Heathrow Experience: shop, lounge and sip champagne like royalty

posted on: Friday, 16 February 2018

I've made it no secret, over the years, that Heathrow Airport, in London, is my second home. I actually think I see more time walking the floors of this airport than my own flat in the city. I can tell you the best places to grab coffee, the best terminals for shopping and which sections of certain lounges offer the best space for quiet and an excellent view of the sunset and sunrise. You could say I know the terminals backwards and forwards. Only this week Heathrow proved me wrong. It seems I knew everything apart from THE MOST IMPORTANT offering. Get ready as I am about to blow the lid off of your normal airport experience. As my fingers move across this keyboard, I hope my own excitement comes across as I truly feel as if I am bringing you the keys to the kingdom. Forget everything you thought you knew about flying out of Heathrow Airport. Brace yourselves, here we go....

Friday Five: Lobster slides and Totes Tweed

Full disclosure here.... I bought everything you see in this Friday Five, before publishing. I was so scared the craze would sell it all out that I made sure I had placed my order before sharing. I know, this makes me a terrible, terrible person. But, when it comes to my lobster obsession in fashion, I take no chances. I checked this morning and there are still plenty of items left in stock so you needn't worry. You can still step out with your lobster toes this spring! Now, I have to tell you that I discovered these beauties in Heathrow, while in the Heathrow Shopping Lounge and I'm writing about that more later this afternoon... stay tuned. For now, here's all you need to know...

Style Update: Happy Valentine's Day, beauties!

posted on: Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Ladies and gents, Happy Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day or just regular Wednesday! Sure, it's a day for flowers, chocolates, elaborate displays of all the gushy love stuff, and I know firsthand that such displays can make this day one of the hardest to stomach for the singletons amongst us. However, I'm taking a pledge to make this day more than just a day to celebrate love between two people. This year I'm being entirely mushy with myself and practising some serious spoiling, in the hours when I'm not working of course.