Style Update: The White Broderie Dress

posted on: Tuesday, 22 May 2018

I feel the need for a little white dress edit. Let's just say it's in the works. In the meantime, I felt I had share this little number I picked up over the weekend (and pretty much put on straight out of the store). It's a cold shoulder selection, with tied straps at the top and killer broderie anglaise thrown in from top to bottom. In short, it's a dress that can just as easily be worn on its own or accessorised to add a bit of something special. I went for the western fringe vibe as I was feeling inspired. Hey, it happens. This dress is a steal and a fact this retailer is killing it this season. We'll just end it there. Happy shopping. Dress edit coming soon, promise!

Chelsea in Bloom 2018 has blossomed: From floral skeletons to fragrant engagement rings...

posted on: Monday, 21 May 2018

For those of you wanting to spend a day or two celebrating the wonderful world of flowers, head to Chelsea, in London, immediately. In celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show, your Kings Road (and beyond) retailers have redecorated for "Chelsea in Bloom", with the help of London's most famous florists. From cars to skeletons, engagement rings to "Princess and The Pea" Beds, it's all here....made completely with flowers.  This annual celebration is a highlight of the London social calendar and this year there's a special theme, inspired by the Royal Wedding. This is the "summer of love." Expect to see romance blooming in every store front. Also prepare for crowds. There are people armed with cameras on every street corner. For those too far from London to come in and see the festival of flowers, here's a look at what you're missing. Chelsea will be in Bloom all week, until the 26th. So, Londoners, you have no excuse. Get yourself over to Sloaney Pony land and take in the path of peonies! 

Style Update: The Deckchair Dress!

posted on: Sunday, 20 May 2018

If you're into your stripes, this one is for you. I simply can't get enough. Take one look in my closet and you'll think I was a sailor in my former life. I blame my New England parents and their preppy leanings. You can take the girl to the Southern states of America, move her to England, but never part her from her nautical stripes. Although, the retailer of this dress calls this a deckchair stripe. Fair enough. It does, in fact, closely resemble a deckchair one might find in Green Park on a hot summer's day. But I'm wearing mine out and about today in Notting Hill, while the sun is strong and the crowds are just starting to pile in. Nothing like getting out early in the morning to Portobello Road. It's a completely different place. Anyway, this dress is ideal for an hourglass figure. The soft cotton stripes are perfectly fitted to accentuate a beautiful curve. The dress itself is strapless, so I hope you own a good strapless bra, or just throw a cardigan over it, if you want some more full support with a regular undergarment! Happy shopping, ladies! 

10 Outfits to pack for a cruise this summer!

posted on: Saturday, 19 May 2018

Where do I even start in telling you how to pack for a cruise? I guess I should start with the good news... some cruises offer unlimited luggage. For the cruise I took earlier this month, on Seabourn, there are no limitations at all. You're welcome to bring on as much luggage as your room can hold, with your only restriction being what the airline will let you bring. As I'm a frequent flyer, let's just say I wasn't worried about being able to bring more bags than could ever be needed to outfit a week aboard a boat headed from Genoa to Venice, with a day trip in Montenegro. More on the cruise experience later. For now, I want to talk what to wear when you're on board. Again, I'll say this was a Seabourn cruise, and for anyone familiar with the brand, you'll know that means this isn't your average cruise experience. This is a step above the rest and, for me, that means packing the same way. I was pulling out all the stops for both day and night, and leaving nothing to chance.