FFG Beauty: The best exfoliator for your face

posted on: Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ugh. So here's the part where I have to admit something rather unflattering, unladylike and perhaps a tidbit of information that my mother would claim is "going to far." I have a problem with clogged pores on my face. There I said it. It's out there. It's reality. First world problems, eh? Call them what you may, they're horrible and unattractive and require attention, right? Well, I can honestly say I am an exfoliator freak because of the skin cards I've been dealt. I'm constantly on the hunt for a great skincare regime that can help tackle the problem. I've been through nearly the entire drugstore shelf looking for a cheap fix - from scrubs, such as the famous apricot concoction, to wipes that claim to "gently lift dead skin from your face." I thought to myself, "perhaps, if I just scrub hard enough the product will reveal a smooth and gleaming surface." Think again. They don't work! 

I've spent hundreds of dollars, pounds and more currencies than I care to admit to trying to find the best exfoliator for my face on the market now and, as fate would have it, it landed in my lap via a goody bag a few months ago.  This morning I finished the product. I squeezed the very last magical drop from the bottle and said to myself, "this, I must share." And here we are, talking about the Lancer Skincare The Method-Polish Exfoliator. This is, hands down, the best exfoliator I've come across. 

Here's a quick round up of the important bits you need to know. The Lancer Exfoliator is a product that uses natural quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystals to give you a scrub like nothing you've ever experienced before. This is a clean that is similar to the one you'll get sitting in a professional's chair. It doesn't say that on the box, but I'm saying it here. While the minerals are doing their work scrubbing, gorgeous bits like pumpkin and pomegranate are helping to remove the skin, while brown sea algae is moisturizing the new surface and stimulating collagen protection. It's a family of ingredients working in perfect harmony to give you glowing skin... and I'm addicted. 

If you're looking to buy into this miracle, I'd recommend first starting with the 1oz bottle to make sure it's not too strong for what you're looking for. It's truly a rough rider and will leave your skin as fresh as it gets, but I realize it's not for everyone (however, I'll go ahead and say it's used by more Hollywood a-listers than you'll find in any People magazine). Try the trial size! If you're happy - go for the big momma! Note: There's also a sensitive skincare version!

FFG Travels: The Four Seasons Los Angeles Pool Cabana Experience

posted on: Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Where: If you're looking for the ultimate day out in LA, book in for a cabana experience at the Four Seasons Los Angeles. For those of you not in the know, know this... The Four Seasons Los Angeles is the heartbeat of celebrity when it comes to junkets and photo shoots. I've yet to step into the establishment without rubbing shoulders with a Hollywood favourite. 

When: Make sure you keep an entire day free for this experience. There are several different packages on offer, yet all involve access to the pool for the full day, mixed with loads of treats to spoil you in your hideaway. Whether you are on the hunt for summer sun or looking for something a bit more relaxing and out of the public eye, both options are at your disposal. 

How: You can request a package to book now online. Prices range from $350 to $1250 and include everything from a relaxing day of cocktails and tropical fruit to a full on feast and pitchers galore. It's as full on as you want to make it, but it's worth every penny. Bring friends, bring family, just don't forget your swimsuit and a smile. 

Note: This is the ultimate in luxury. After just one day spent by the pool, I felt like I had been on holiday for weeks. If I could live here and never leave, I'd be one happy lady. Whatever you do... make sure you try two things in the Cabana restaurant - the fish tacos and the ice cream sandwiches. I am quite literally salivating now as I write. TAKE ME BACK!

 The Amazing Food....

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Four Seasons Los Angeles.