My summer beauty savers

posted on: Wednesday, 27 July 2016

summer beauty
Long gone are the days where you'd find me showing up for a beach vacation with a bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo and one tube of sunscreen. Sadly, I'm just not 17 anymore, and, more importantly, technology has moved on in such an incredible way that we are overwhelmed with products that can solve every problem our skin, hair or nails could present while in the heat. Nowadays, at the age of 36, I find myself spending more and more money on products that will help with every eventuality. There are a few beauty products that are permanent members of my summer beauty kit, and this year, in 2016, I've added a good dozen to my arsenal. Here's the break down of products that fill my beauty kit for any warm weather getaway. They're tried, tested and 100% approved as beauty product perfection.

London Roof Garden Perfection: B.O.B's Lobster, The Gardening Society, John Lewis London

posted on: Friday, 22 July 2016

The Gardening Society, John Lewis London
I have been back from Maine for exactly six days. Six days, people, and I'm already eating lobster again! I mention this because the lobster I had today, on the roof terrace of John Lewis, on Oxford Street, tasted as if I was eating it on my back porch in Maine. Yes, the rumours are true. B.O.B's lobster rolls are the best lobster rolls this side of the Atlantic, and this comes from a seasoned professional. What are my qualifications? Well, I've been chomping down on lobster rolls in New England since I was old enough to eat on my own. I'd say 30 plus years in the game gives me a bit of a leg up on what's what when it comes to a good lobster roll.

Style Update: The coolest (and best) culottes

posted on: Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The perfect pair of culottes.
Ladies and gents, I've had a sip from the fashion kool-aid, and I like it. I am now a fan of culottes. But it should be said, it isn't just any old pair of culottes that I'm going gaga for. In my estimation, I've tried on about 451 pairs of culottes over the past three years, in search of pair that fits and flatters and I'm proud to say I've swiped right onto the perfect pairing. Thank heavens. I was starting to get leg cramps from all the off-and-ons!