Style Update: Flamingo love in a shirt

posted on: Monday, 2 March 2015

I don't often focus in on one piece on FFG, but there are a few rare exceptions. The perfect example to follow that statement with is this Flamingo shirt. Now, I can feel the "Marmite" phenomenon happening as I write. You're either going to love or hate this discovery. The story goes a little something like this...

A few weeks ago I was scrambling to pack for a quick trip to Los Angeles. I needed to run to the pharmacy to pick up some essentials and I happened to be walking past Marks & Spencer when I spotted this shirt in the window. I loved the look of the print from far away, but when I came closer and realized I was starring at flamingos on a button down shirt, I couldn't get my legs to move fast enough into the store to make the purchase.

The Marks & Spencer flamingo shirt is exactly £29.50. For £29.50, my day was made and each and every day after that his bad boy gets to come out and play. There is something about a flamingo print that just makes me smile from ear to ear, and I'm proud to share that geeky side of my style. I'm also pleased to report that it's still in stock. Do you feel the love I'm putting down here? Flamingos... they're cool again. Get in on the game! (Also wearing Charlotte Olympia Rubber Kitty Flats from The Outnet, Gap Boyfriend Jeans and a Ralph Lauren striped Ricky Tote). 

The Sunday Shop: Fringe Factor

posted on: Sunday, 1 March 2015

Unless you've just crawled out of a cave, you'll know that fringe is a red hot trend right now. From accessories to clothing, we're seeing free flowing textures embrace this design in a major way. This Sunday I thought we'd bring you a look at eight pieces that bring the trend to life in your wardrobe. They are classic pieces, stretching across all price points, that will melt perfectly into any closet...

The Autumn Winter 2015 dream wardrobe: Ralph Lauren

There is one show I attend religiously at fashion weeks, and one show I will continue to frequent until I am no longer invited. That is, of course, the classic spectacle that is the Ralph Lauren runway during New York Fashion Week. I suppose you could place me in Timbuktu and I'd still find a way to get there and attend, and here's why. No matter what the season or year, this is a show that never disappoints. Ralph Lauren once famously said, "I don't design clothes, I design dreams." And each year, as we sit catwalk side, we are all swept away by this dream world. We are seduced by the luxury layers, the mix of terrific textures and the elegant elevation of the fashion world in general, as beautiful models swan down the catwalk as confident in the collection they wear as the man who designed it himself. 

This season Ralph Lauren gave us a plethora of options for a workable winter wardrobe. He used shearling in every way imaginable - coats, gloves, hats, shawls and bags. Fringe, which has become an RL staple, was woven into poncho like sweaters, shawls and kaftans. And when it comes to turtlenecks, you'll be hard pressed to find a designer that loves them more. They're seen on this catwalk in every casual look and it's the first time I'll say I'm sold on the idea. Ban necks for the season! Let them be covered in Ralph instead. All hail the mighty turtleneck! 

Of course, while the collection itself is positively sensational, the styling is second to none. Even if you are screaming, "how can I afford this collection," there is plenty to be learned here simply in the way each ensemble is styled. And as Mr. Lauren said, he's designing "the dream." So I like to think he'd be happy to act as style guru to the world as well as the perfect purveyor of the American Dream.